Nighthawk update for June 2022

In June, our priority was to maintain Nighthawk product suite compatibility with NU5. And Nighthawk Wallet celebrated its 2nd anniversary by releasing the redesigned Android app via beta testing channels & F-Droid!

Nighthawk Wallet Android redesign was completed with Transfer ZEC workflow implementation. Here are some screenshots of the new flow which includes a transaction preview before broadcasting it to the Zcash network:

Nighthawk Wallet updates:

  • Release a bugfix for checkpoint format, thanks to @Pacu for finding the root cause of the issue affecting new wallets created post NU5.
  • Discuss the upcoming changes with Group OMR with @thomaslzy.
  • Provide end-user support to new users of Nighthawk Wallet.
  • Plan to review the feedback regarding the Nighthawk Wallet redesign and make a public release after language translations are completed.
  • Full App Changelog is available at

:wave: Shout-out to Ian for creating a video walkthrough of Nighthawk Wallet

Light Client Working Group:

Goal: Keep up-to-date versions for zcashd & lightwalletd to continue providing public infrastructure for light wallet-based Zcash applications.

  • Monitor the increase in large-sized transactions on the Zcash network.
  • Maintain 100% uptime via load-balanced main-net and single instance test-net services
  • Continue maintaining the monthly warranty canary on

Goal: Provide a fast, lightweight, Tor-enabled, no-tracker/no-analytics/no-logging Zcash transaction explorer.

  • Continue working on known issues around rendering v5 transactions.
  • Upgrade zecwallet-cli dependency with changes from upstream.
  • Monitor increased load to following the NU5 release.
  • Work towards hosting a test-net version of Zcash Block Explorer.
  • Add the ability to view raw transaction info in JSON format via the UI or by adding “/raw” at the end of the URL.

Zcash <> Thorchain Integration

Goal: Add Zcash to Thorchain to enable decentralized ZEC trading and LP incentives.

  • BiFrost
    • Helm repositories have been updated with NU5 support.
    • Test suite v5 has been taken care of, and JSON fixtures have been updated with v5
    • Continue working towards adding support for v5 transaction compatibility.
  • Upcoming -
    a) Write ancillary Python code for integration tests.
    b) Execute test suite on test-net infra.

And that’s a wrap for our June update. We congratulate ECC & ZF for a successful network upgrade that brings us to the Age of Trustless Shielded pools!


Looks easier, thanks for the great work

These are all great but I’m having a lot of trouble using Nighthawk lately. It seems to be getting slower and slower. Today it took 40 minutes from opening the app to finishing scanning.

Any note on what’s happening?


ZWL and Ywallet are a little slow but not too bad (transacting on both work), yeah my NH is just stuck on preparing to scan, motionless
Wait, there it goes ok well see…
Yep just took a little while :+1:

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