Nighthawk update for March 2022

Greetings! Nighthawk Wallet team has kickstarted development work on Android with new designs, starting with Splash Activity & Backup/Restore flow. On the design front, we continue working on UX & interaction review in parallel to grooming the implementation on the Android front.

Our team has conducted a deep dive on navigation components, reviewed feature spec, and ironed out the transaction details screen to handle all the possible transaction types that need to be supported with NU5.

Note: The redesign implementation work will be pursued on a separate track while keeping the existing wallet codebase under maintenance mode and possibly adding support for NU5 depending on the Halo Arc SDK release timeline.
We are looking for an iOS contributor to help redesign Nighthawk on iPhone.
Based on our estimates, the redesigned Nighthawk Wallet on Android will be available in Fall '22.

Here is a sneak-peek of Landing screen updates:

Dev updates:

  • Released Nighthawk app updates with new checkpoints & latest Zcash SDKs from ECC(Android beta-20 and ZcashLightClientKit Beta 6).
  • Started reviewing v1.3.* to v1.4.* migration documentation for Zcash Android SDK.
  • Opened an issue to reduce block confirmations requirement for light-clients Support spending UTXO after 1 confirmation · Issue #416 · zcash/zcash-android-wallet-sdk · GitHub
  • Finished migrating Nighthawk iOS codebase from Intel to Mac ARM-based setup. Many thanks to @pacu for helping resolve ZcashLightClientKit build issues and pushing out an updated release.
  • Conduct Nighthawk Wallet internal testing around reorgs & error handling.
  • Set up and attend bi-weekly check-in calls with @thomaslzy to keep up to date on OMR library status and assist in any way needed.
  • Continue addressing support requests from new users via Twitter DMs & Email.

Light Client Working Group:

  • Attend bi-weekly LCWG calls to discuss upcoming changes pertaining to Unified Addresses and Auto-shielding plans.
  • Reviewed Nighthawk redesigned Send transaction flow with and discuss z_sendmany API availability on mobile clients to send one to many shielded transactions. (helpful during Shielded Love Notes party!)
  • LCWG meeting briefs are available at GitHub GitHub - zcash/lcwg: Light Client Working Group project management repository

Goal: Keep up to date with fixes for zcashd & lightwalletd to continue providing public infrastructure for light wallet-based Zcash applications.

  • Maintain 100% uptime via load-balanced main-net and single instance test-net services.
  • Continue maintaining the monthly warranty canary on 1
  • Look forward to update to zcashd v4.7.0 on test-net and main-net as per the respective release schedule.

Goal: Provide a fast, lightweight, no-tracker/no-analytics Zcash transaction explorer

Great to see an increase in ZcashBlockExplorer mentions and positive feedback.

Zcash <> Thorchain Integration

Goal: Add Zcash to Thorchain to enable decentralized ZEC trading and LP incentives.

Personal issues affecting the lead devs caused another leg of delay. The final phase of wrapping the work on xchainjs and BiFrost is now underway:

  • Review and test coininfo & bitgo UTXO libs to adopt inside Zcash xchainjs framework.
  • Rebased open PRs with Thorchain’s Cosmos SDK update.
  • BiFrost - Finished SignTx method implementation and review.
  • Pending item before raising BiFrost PR:
    a) Broadcast & Fetching transactions
    b) Test cases for BiFrost (approx. 30-40 test cases with custom generated test data and verifying the results).

Thank you to all our users for supporting our team’s drive to deliver financial privacy to the world! Looking forward to the Zcashd upgrade to v5.0.0 next month!