Nighthawk update for November 2021

Hello Zcash Community,

In order to keep everyone up to date with ongoing works of Nighthawk team to make financial privacy accessible to everyone in the world, we plan to post updates on a monthly basis. So here’s our update for November.

Nighthawk Wallet

Goal: Continue working on maintenance of apps, monitor & improve crash-free rating, work on Milestone 3 items and improve overall usability of Nighthawk Wallet.

  1. Added Buy Zcash option on both Play Store & F-Droid, supported via MoonPay integration for enabling users from 150+ countries around the world to buy Zcash on the go, with a supported bank card.
  1. Kick-off Design Sprint with a 12 week plan to include updating user flows & conducting user feedback testing. This is in line with the Milestone 3 to update the UI/UX for Nighthawk.
  1. Identify UX gaps for supporting Orchard/Sapling Address transactions and challenges around Z to U migrations, plan to follow up with ECC with questions & concerns. This is to support NU5 upgrade for Nighthawk users.
  2. Review options to migrate away from using LockBox(used for storing seed words) as LockBox library is no longer maintained.
  3. Fix 2 user-reported minor UI issues in Nighthawk Android.
  4. Onboard Android SDK developer for PoC & customizing improvements to wallets.
  5. Nighthawk iOS - Finish reviewing AutoShielding changes and plan to release an update end of November.

The latest status of milestone updates are present at

Goal: Keep up to date with fixes for zcashd & lightwalletd to continue providing public infrastructure for light wallet based Zcash applications.

  1. Upgrade zcashd to v4.5.1-1
  2. Upgrade testnet.lightwalletd to use latest lightwalletd v0.4.8 Release v0.4.8 · zcash/lightwalletd · GitHub
  3. Plan to update mainnet.lightwalletd after regression testing with Nighthawk Wallet.
  4. Continue maintaining the monthly warranty canary on

Zcash Block Explorer

Goal: Provide a fast, light weight, tracker/analytics-free Zcash transaction explorer.

  1. Update zcashd to v4.5.1-1 to keep up to date with NU5 support.
  2. Verify and successfully test Orchard v5 transaction support on testnet version on local machines. This will allow interested parties in running a testnet version of Zcash Block Explorer!
  3. Review & Merge community member PR fix href in blocks html template for next button by buoy49 · Pull Request #10 · nighthawk-apps/zcash-explorer · GitHub

Zcash <> Thorchain Integration

Work planned over the next 3 weeks:

  • Meeting with devs for TypeScript based xchainjs work and meeting Golang developer to set up software toolchain.
  • Enroll in ThorWallet TestFlight on iOS to review setup for including testnet workflow.
  • Setup Asgardex Desktop in test-net environment to test Zcash swaps when ready.
  • xchainjs wrapper development and planning with devs to build a common interface for multiple blockchains, for simple and fast Zcash integration for Thorchain wallets.
  • Review ideas on how to respond to re-orgs, plan to refer implementation in lightwalletd.
  • Adding Zcash in Thorchain manifest to bootstrap helm charts which will make zcashd deployable on both testnet and mainnet. With this addition, Thorchain devs can add zcashd to their cluster launcher workflow.
  • Provisioning AWS servers and syncing each supported chain.

Thanks to ECC/ZF developers & community members for supporting our work. Have a Great Weekend!


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