No Miners will run, no matter what software or pool used

I’ve been having issues getting any miners to run for ZEC, instead either the miner window just insta-closes, or I get an error saying the sls is not verified

Inkederror running zm062 for zec-edited|690x361

Either I’m missing something or these miners no longer work, even though they call came from Getting Started - Zcash Flypool - How to mine Zcash

I’m new to mining, so any tips would be appreciated.

ps. I did use the search feature to try to find this issue, but it either returned results from 2017 or not at all relevant to my issue.

Hello & welcome.

The info you are reading is pretty old, mining ZEC is done with ASIC hardware & your GPU miners won’t make much - really not worth trying, sorry.

You can GPU mine other coins & swap them for ZEC.

Assuming Windows, by adding the System32 path to your environmental variables may help with the insta-close