No sync at Zepio Wallet (0,0%)

Good evening,
I downloaded and installed Zepio Wallet. Unfortunately, when I open this, it will not sync. The balance remains at 0. 0%, which means that I cannot manage my zCash receipts. Maybe someone has a tip for me. I’m using Windows 10.

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Hello, @Joerg Zepio wallet is out of date and no longer maintained so it won’t sync with the network.

We recommend that users switch to ZecWallet.

Since Zepio was a fullnode you should be able to use ZecWallet Fullnode and transfer the wallet.dat file from Zepio to ZecWallet, Instructions here:

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Do you know how i can maybe fast sync the zecwallet fullmode?
i wait about 30 minutes for 0,5 percent. I dont would wait about 10 days ! :smiley:
thanks for you help.