Zepio wallet restore backup


how can I restore a backup of the zepio-wallet ?
In “settings” there is “backup wallet” but I see no way to get the backup back into the wallet.

Filename is zcash-wallet-backup-2019-xx-xx-xx-xx.dat

THX stn

Hi @stn021 , that is a copy of your wallet.dat file (which has been re-named)

To restore a wallet.dat you will need to replace an existing wallet.dat file with your backup. The wallet.dat file contains all your addresses and private keys, be very careful with it!

Search in your PC folders for where the Zepio
newer wallet.dat file is, and replace it with the backup version (you will need to rename it to wallet.dat )

Then once you have replaced it, restart Zepio and let it fully sync with the Blockchain. Your balances and addresses should show up.

Be careful with wallet.dat files, never delete one just in case you need it later. Just re-name it something like oldwallet.dat or something.

Hello Shawn,

yes, that was it. Thank you.

Is there a way to view the adresses in a wallet-file before loading it into zepio? I have multiple backups from different computers and I am looking for one specific address. The procedure of checking multiple wallet-backup is really time-consuming and it would be much easier if I could just list keys + adresses in the wallet-files.

Incidentally: is the format of zepio’s wallet-file the same as other ZEC-wallets like zecwallet or the gui-wallet from zcash-foundation or zcash-wallet-cli ?

Thank you, stn

Yes, Zepio and ZecWallet both run the core zcashd which is a full node in the background.

Unfortunately each time you replace the wallet.dat it has be re-started to re-scan the entire blockchain to see the amounts in the addresses, there isn’t a way to get around this especially if you have funds in a private address.

Yes, I noticed. :slightly_smiling_face:
Doing that right now, one wallet-file at a time.
Obviously to get the correct balances the whole blockchain has to be searched.

In my previous post I was not referring to the balances. Instead I am just interested in the adresses themselves and their private keys. These IMHO have to be stored in the wallet-file, so I was wondering if I could extract them from the wallet-file and list them in some way.