Not receiving payments

So I noticed recently that I have not been geting payed. Sometimes when I turn off my miner, I get like 0.01000 zec per 10 hours of mining after 5 hours when since I closed my miner. I am getting 86h/s (I know it's bad) but I used to make like 0.1 zec per day and now I am not getting almost anything. I am mining with an AMD gpu. Can anyone help?

There are numerous factors that affect what you get earn/get paid - including network difficulty, how much mining power you have etc - and what as what pool you are connecting to.

But you don't detail what mining pool you are connecting to (which is key to resolving payment issues) - but either way, you should contact them as only they can help you and no-one here will be able to help directly - unless the pool admin's are browsing here.

Do you know where can I see if zec's difficulty rose?

It changes all day every day.... It has been up to about 1,500,000 in the last few days... But also down to 800,000 during the same.

You can see here:

I forgot to say that I am mining on zcash.flypool on EU servers with a Claymore's miner. Could it be that the miner started to bug because it said it found aroud 2000 good shares and around 10 bad shares while on my dashboard it says it only found 24 good shares and 0 bad ones.

Here's a link to my dashboard: