Mining on flypool with high hashrate but low payout

So I’m mining on with an rx480. i get around 300h/s meaning I should be getting about $2 a day. On both my mining software (claymore’s miner) and on the website it shows an estimated amount earned per day to be around $2. But I’ve been mining for a week now and have only gotten about $2. The hashrate on my miner and on the website are both around the same. Any help?

The predictions are based on 24/7 mining, and don’t factor in the price of power. The price of zcash and difficulty also change over time. What is the total ZEC in your wallet and pool now?

What? that $2 a day should have gone straight into your chosen bank account. Something’s up with that website mine.


AFAIK, no banks accept zcash yet. I’m not sure of any pools that will direct deposit into bank accounts?

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LOL cheers for the info.

Oh, you mean wallets… Geez, I am not thinking. Yeha, if the payout has not gone to the wallet, then there’s either a problem with the miner, or the wallet. Maybe flypool is messing up, but I don’t think it would be on their end.

I guess my jokes are full with bugs.


This is the link to my miner. By $2 I meant that I should have $2 in zec, not factoring the price of power. The amount of zec that I’m getting does not correlate with what is predicted.

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It looks like you may not be connected to the pool. I can see the one payout, but there is no record of the hashrates afterwards. Make sure the computer isn’t in an area where there is bad wifi, or that the internet is not being cut out. The problem seems to be about your connection to flypool.

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Oh I stopped mining after the payout was so low. I meant that when I was mining, I would still be getting low payouts.

You did get a payout on there. There isn’t much to work on, your hash rate determines payouts, and flypool only pays out at a minimum of .01 ZEC. $2 a day is 0.005 ZEC, meaning that two or three days are needed for a payout. Sometimes luck can change that. If you are in the pool, and the miner is running 24/7, the only thing left is to wait.

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Yes, I understand that I did get a payout to my wallet. I guess I am using the word payout wrong. By payout I meant the unclaimed zec shown on flypool, not in my wallet. After a week of mining I only had around .01 in flypool, not my wallet, while it estimated that i would have much more (around $14 in zec). My hashrate shown on my miner was constant with the one shown online yet the estimated rewards were not.

Another thing to note was that I did mine zec for a while before and never had this problem. I then got a new pc (motherboard, cpu, case, cooler, ram) and tried to mine ethereum. I did have a low hashrate for my card - 18 mh/s, rx 480 - so I switched back to zec and then ran into this problem.

I thought I set the payout rate higher than $2 but I may be wrong.

18 mh/s for rx 480 is about right nowadays. Couple months ago I literally noticed a change in hashrate happen overnight. I guess it has something to do with network difficulty constantly going up.

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It might help if you provide screenshots.

This is my miner

This is me currently mining. I have yet to see how much zec I am actually gaining as I just started the miner today after getting back from vacation.

with 400sol/s if u got 2$/day is ok
i have 970-990sol/s and i earn like 6-7$/day

for now the best zcash pool is flypool and nanopool (i mine there…i test it … is ok) other pools …minergate or suprnova .are very low…very low!

but how is Zclassic time… in 1day i earn 12$ :smiley: the coin is growing like a mofo

Ok so my hashrate to zcash gained rate is normal?