Payout question

I am new to mining, I supposed to get my first 0.1 ZEC since last night but I did not receive it. I do see that there is a lot of transferring from my address to others addresses that do not belong to me.
I am not able to also change the setting to have my email and IP address, By default it has someone else information and when I edit and save, it reverts back to the other person’s setting…Please advise.

We have no idea which pool you’re talking about. You’ll have to be more specific. Also, where did you get your zcash address? Have you contacted the support team of the pool you’re using?

I am using server. I receive my Zcash address from
When I check the status of my address, I see the following:

Summary confirmed
Total Received
1.89510128 ZEC
Total Sent
1.88990191 ZEC
Final Balance
0.00519937 ZEC

Please help me understand these numbers. Is the number of Zecs received the ones that I mined ? and the one sent should be in my wallet?


Is a fictitious scam site… any thing you have mined and sent there is gone

see this forum post

1 Like is a SCAM I can confirm this firsthand

In order to mine 1.8 ZEC overnight, you would need a total of 600,000 sol/s for 8 hours. The highest end cards get you (hopefully) 766 sol/s. That’s about 780 cards needed to get you that power. I hope you don’t have 780 cards working, while being new to mining at all.