November 17, 2017 - Dev update

This week we started testing the RC for 1.0.13. We intend to keep a Monday release date but in the end we decided to drop payment offloading being introduced as an experimental feature due to lack of necessary review time before the RC deadline. That said, it’s in really great shape for the following 1.0.14 release.

Everything that’s been merged in and is undergoing testing can be seen in the release planning Github project. This includes the introduction of payment disclosure as an experimental feature. We’ll also be putting together relevant documentation and tutorials for getting started with the new feature.

UX and Integration
We released an evaluation of the new OpenBazaar v2.0 interface and user experience. We’re going to be continuing to look at other user experiences in the Zcash ecosystem (and other more mature ecosystems like Bitcoin) as we simultaneously begin to work through a set of guidelines for developers creating Zcash services. This will be an ongoing project which could also benefit from community feedback so look out for any UX-related surveys we might put out.

We’re also updating our Integration Guide for third party developers to include some examples and clean up outdated information. If there are any examples you’d like to see included, let us know!

Powers of Tau Ceremony
This week, the Zcash Foundation started organizing the new MPC Ceremony and it’s well underway. For details on the Foundation’s role in the ceremony and how you can be a participant, check out the blog: home - zcash foundation

Next AMA
We’re planning our next technical AMA for 2 weeks from today: Dec 1 at noon PST. Keep an eye out for the thread on this forum that will host the AMA. As always, we look forward to answering your questions and engaging with the community more!


Also note that next Thursday & Friday are Thanksgiving in the US and designated holidays for ZcashCo. Next dev update will be Dec 1st!