NOWPayments not accepting ZEC

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Didn’t want to hijack the other thread, but we started talking about payment processors that accept ZEC. I integrated NOWPayments to my site:, only to get this error when trying to pay:

I reached out to the support staff and they pointed me to nowpayments[dot]io/status-page only to find that they’re not accepting ZEC :confused:

They didn’t have any information about why or when they’d offer it.


Not sure why NowPayments is no longer working, I have used CoinPayments in the past when I had a Shopify store and it worked well.

I also heard that CoinGate and MyCryptoCheckout accepted ZEC but have not personally verified.

According to the Zcash website Zcash for Business | Zcash

CoinGate, NowPayments, Bidali, Cryptonator, and Coinpayments all accept Zcash. Right now I can only find one of those listed (Coinpayments) that accept ZEC. Site may need to be updated.

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Amazing, I just got CoinPayments all set up on the store to accept ZEC!


The website is terrible.

Yeah, I think the options now are CoinPayments, MyCryptoCheckout, and BTCPay Server. Congrats on getting the store set up to accept ZEC payments!

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And it works!

Thanks for adding support for Zcash!

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Does it receive in a shielded address?

That was not an option when I checked out.

1 Like accepts payment in Shielded ZEC and I have bought something a few days ago from them. I wonder what service do they use. I doubt if they built an in-house solution just for Zcash as they also accepts other crypto. :sweat_smile:

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Hi Folks!

I was able to set up a NOWPayments account to accept ZEC this morning. Can you provide me additional details about what you are experiencing when you say they are no longer accepting ZEC? Any screen shots you can share would be super helpful for me to use while investigating.