Nvidia GPU mining linux

Just to let everyone know Nicehash has recently updated their git on GitHub to include Tromp Cuda solver, i am using it on a gtx 970 and getting around 21 sol/s.

heres the git, it has full instructions and what drivers to use with the miner.

This is primary wrote for linux users as i struggled to find a working solver

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That’s great news! Thanks a lot!

Ok, but what does it mean “specify your compute version”?

I’m getting 0 Sols/s :cry:
What might be wrong?

i didnt encounter any errors when i installed the git, they have a cmake which says use compute=50 but as i say i didnt encounter any errors. make sure you using the right cuda driver they publish

There was a reply on another thread, the correspondence is given on Wikipedia:
I found out my card’s ability version is 3.0, so I had to explicitly pass the parameter COMPUTE=30