GPU not mining with NVIDIA 9800m


Trying out NiceHash for Zcash on an older laptop before going big. Currently have Core2Duo and GeForce9800m GS (PCIe/SSE2) for hardware running Ubuntu 16.04.

For whatever reason, I can only get my CPU to mine. When I try to change parameters to have only the GPU mine, I get 0 sol/sec, despite rec new jobs. Any suggestions? I updated to latest Nvidia driver from their website.

cd ~/zcash/nheqminer/Linux_cmake/nheqminer_cpu && ./nheqminer_cpu -l -u t1JenNRoWrtE5NNunFZAXoyr3h79HHG4QT9.worker1 -t 0 -cd 0


i suspect that 9800m have compute capability 1.1, binaries usual have 2.0+ (nicehash EQM 5.0+), if you compile nheqminer you need change cmake to include cc1.1 (default is 2.0+) and to use cuda sdk what support it, like cuda 5.5…

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Thank you. FYI support like yours (from others as well) those weeks ago led me to make a 20-gpu rig. Appreciate it… now I get to help others. :]