Hi all . is possible to lock core clock ? i have problem when mining on NH and swith algo to lyra2rev2 core clock go up on 1950+ and sometimes miner shutdown and second psu too ,but if set core -100 then hashrate on other algo go down i will like set some max limit .Thanks for help and happy mining sorry for bad english


Has anyone been able to control 3x fan versions in Linux? Nvidia-smi and nvidia-settings seem to be limited to the first fan per gpu.


I believe there is a persistence mode. Give that a quick search.


Hi O.P., what EVGA all in one GTX 1080ti do you mean? Can’t find it anywhere…:confused:

My First Rig Build 1080 Ti GPUs


Windows 10 Test Rig:

ZCash mining on flypool. Using nVidia Inspector to give clocks to GPUs

GPU0 = 1080ti Aorus Xtreme (+112MHz | +136MHz | 96% ) (air cooled model)
GPU1 = Asus 1080 Strix OC 8GB (+205MHz | +800MHz | 80%)
GPU2 = Asus 1050 2GB (+148MHz | +136MHz | 100%)

There must be something to get 810 Sol/s for 1080ti…


There 100% is, but why?
You could easily get 650 Sol/s with 140-150 Watt and make your cards last for 5-6 or more years. Keeping these settings will not make them last as long as you think. There is a reason why manufacturers keep clock speeds lower (aka durability).


Yes I do know that those cards wont last very long like that, but like I say it was on my test rig.
If 1080 or 1080ti will stop working or burn out, those will go on warranty next 3½ years.
And if/when 1050 will burn out im only happy to get rid of it, it wont make nothing but eating electricity.
When im not doing little tests, I will lower power and make them last just a little bit longer…



If your paying a decent amount for electricity, it pays to make them run as efficiently as possible right now. When price was above $500us I ran my cards within a few mhz of crashing with high power. Now I run everything with as low a draw as possible. Of course I pay about 20 cents per kwh


The EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 HYBRID GAMING one. Hard to find now. They were $800 for most of 2017. These cards are really solid. The only weird thing with the water cooled cards is the form factor configuration with your rig. The usb cables only go so far and these don’t pack in well.


I think 150 watts is the min-wattage on 1080 tis, but I agree, at low wattage they are super good at hashing.


So @johnwisdom @root : what settings do you run your (air-cooled, 1080 Ti) cards at? Any over-clocking at all?

Historically, I’ve had good stability keeping temps between 55-65C with Core Clocks @+100 and Mem Clocks @+150-200 on my EVGA 1080Ti SC Black Gaming Editions. I always ran them between 90-95% TDP and 75% fan speed. DO you guys assess this operational profile will have a significant impact on card longevity? There are a lot of factors, I realize…just looking for your opinions. I have a measly 7 months of operating experience.


I’m slightly overclocked, but restricting the power level to get the most Sol/w at this point. I was previously overclocking more and pushing 250 watts, but have since backed off of that for card longevity.