Problems with z cash, and rig help

1 - hello everybody i’m having a problem on my home pc where i tryied to mine some zcash. i’m using a nvidea gtx 1060 6gb to farm and i’m getting about 30sol/s when i should be getting about 300sol/s what’s going on? what am i doing wrong?

2- if you had a 800€ budget to build a mining rig, using or prices. what would you build? could you tell me everything you would buy withoutoverbudget the 800€ and how well would it mine zcash… ?

3- thanks in advance for all answer that may come, just trying to get help from advance and experience miner so i can improve as a miner :wink:

btw i’m using nherminer and as a pool

Can you provide some screenshots ?

Try EWBF miner and see if something changes.

800 euro is a very limiting budget and you have 2 main choices:

  1. Build something that can be upgraded (scalability)
  2. Build something tailored for max performance (most sol/s with 800 euro)

I’ll try to make a solution beetween these two main factors, so here is an idea:

MB - 93 euro

CPU - 48 euro

USB for OS - 9 euro

RAM - 37 euro

PSU - 180 euro

2x GPU - 350 euro

Total: 717 euro
You still got 92 euro for risers (you can find them on amazon), i suggest cryptomined from china (high and solid quality products)
4x risers 6 PIN - 45 euro (31$ risers + 15$ shipping in europe)

Grand total: 762 euro

You still got 38 euro for any spare parts/rig/keyboad/etc.

So with this system you would get 340 sol/s for 180W:

That’s 30$ profit a month (55$ income - electric cost)

So, with this solution you’ve got some scalability, the MotherBoard can support at least 4 GPU, maybe even 5.
With a little future investment (350 euro) you can add 2 more 1050ti and get:
75$ profit (115$ - eletricity)

After this you can start buying more serious cards and selling the 1050ti for 100 euro (even in 8 months) so you can upgrade sol/s. Would suggest after 1050ti-> 1070 and then → 1080ti (or newer card).
Upgrading gpu’s you should expect adding a 1000W for the 1070’s and two 1000W for the 1080ti’s.

Oh yeah, for mining i would install simplemining on the usb drive (2$ a month subscription, really easy to implement). BIOS settings are fundamental for successful mining rig.

Cheers mate!

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There and that is your problem. DO NOT USE THAT program.

I have no idea why even has that listed as an nvidia miner, it hasn’t worked efficiently since 02/2017. I have asked them once to remove it, anyone know anyone there to get them to remove that outdated software?

thank you so much, ewbf really solved my problema, geting about 260sol/s now :wink:
didn’t you forgot the ssd in the rig?

nope, i put an 16 GB usb drive (it’s the one I use for my rigs) and i install simplemining on the usb drive, so you save up money =)

but since it’s a usb drive doesn’t it loses speed for the ssd? does it matter for a rig?

and in another question, should i overclock and play with the graphics cards so boost it to the max? or do you recomend stay facotry so the rig last longer? I’m new to this and i’m looking to keep learning untill i became the teacher :wink:

Only difference is boot up speed.

For the 1050ti there is not much to OC, but for other cards always, getting those right OC settings is an important part of the game…

ok, thank you :wink: today i was searching for zcash mining with the new gtx. what graphic card do you think is better in terms of price/income? the gtx 1050 ti, the 1060 3gb or the 1060 6gb? because 1050ti are cheap but they only go for 185sols, as for the 1060 6gb i saw a guy saying he could get 600 sol so it would be better to have 1 1060 6gb than 2 gtx 1050 ti. is this for real? or are theese some made up values?

1060 6gb/3gb should mine around 300-320 - cost is 250-300
1050ti mine around 175 - cost 150-175

1060 has a better efficiency than 1050ti, so you spend a little less for electricity with those cards.

If your eletricity cost is lower than 0.2 cts per kW than you should give it a try, any solution, but if it’s higher then the income is going to be really low.

my electricity is in euro, it’s arround 0.15/0.16 €. but 300sols for the 6gb and 300 for the 3gb to? because here im my country the 1050ti gois for ±160€, the 1060 goes for ±220€ and the 1060 ti goes for ± 330€. but than theese price can change, because there are the gaming edition, the oc editions, edition with 1 fan, edition with 2 fan, and prices can change really quick.

eletricty cost is not bad!

I believe for zcash the vram is not very important.
Having the 6gb gives more possibilities for swapping what coin to mine in the future.

between all the 1060 of 6gb should i spend the extra 50€ to buy a gaming 1060 6gb? or should i keep the cheapest 1060 6gb?

what are the sols for the 1060 3gb? btw

1060 3gb → 280-310 sol/s
1060 6gb → 300-350 sol/s (depending on OC)

here is a website for reference:

that’s nice, look like EVGA GTX 1060 6GB SSC goes for 345 sol/s and i can buy it for 315€ that’s a must buy according to that :wink: the loswest one with lower sol/s is the ASUS GEFORCE GTX 1060 3GB DUAL OC that goes for 264€ and get 300 sol/s. so it must be better than buying 2 1050ti i guess!
going to look for the best deal from sol/s to € :wink:
thanks a lot mate :wink:

great man! A pleasure helping out :smiley:
1060 FTW!

if i have any questions i will bother you here XD jk, or not! :wink: mistery … (to be continued)
but i must say that the 1080 ti oc for 800€ looks nice, it get lower power consuption for a 800sil/s. probably the best to invest in the future

Absolutly agree.

I’m waiting for dates/specs and price for the next nvidia series before buying next gpus :smiley: