Miner- Nicehash EQM

We did some improvements on our EQM miner.

Only adjusted for Pascal cards so far. Report your Maxwell speeds.

GTX 1070: ~125 Sol/s @ 110 W
GTX 1060 6GB: ~85 Sol/s @ 80 W
GTX 1050 Ti: ~53 Sol/s @ 45 W
GTX 1050: ~48 Sol/s @ 40 W
GTX 980 Ti: ~125 Sol/s
GTX 980 OC: ~115 Sol/s
GTX 980: ~100 Sol/s
GTX 970: ~85 Sol/s
GTX 950: ~50 Sol/s
GTX 750 Ti: ~36 Sol/s
GTX 750 1GB OC: ~34 Sol/s

This miner is locked to NiceHash and does not have any dev fee. If you do not agree with that, do not use it.

Windows x64 (Maxwell and Pascal cards, CPU AVX/AVX2): EQM v1.0.1ba

CPU mining: this miner has support for LOCKED PAGES; it can give few extra % of performance. How to enable: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms190730.aspx (you may have to restart OS after changing). CPU mining supports "big servers" with more than 64 cores and there is no need to manually fiddle with affinities and NUMA nodes. Just set -p (number of CPUs) and -t (number of CORES per CPU) and miner automatically deals with it.

Examples of usage

  1. Print help:
    eqm -h

  2. Query CUDA devices:
    eqm -ci

  3. Benchmark device 0 for 10 seconds:
    eqm -t 0 -b 10 -cd 0

  4. Mine with device 0 on EU server and set worker name:
    eqm -u YOURBTCADDRESS -w worker1 -cd 0

  5. Mine with devices 0 and 1 on USA server:
    eqm -l usa -u YOURBTCADDRESS -cd 0 1

  6. Launch with multiple threads/instances per CUDA device:
    eqm -t 0 -b 10 -cd 0 0

May I ask how can I use this with NiceHash program?

Nice! got 115 sol/s on gtx 980 oc, (that was fast after zcminer release)..

Ok fastest nvidia miner yet

750ti 36 - 37 sols

Now getting major errors. Unspecified launch failure. Basically the overclock has failed. Which is annoying as it was running with all other miners fine for days and days!

Hey , Awesome results! I'm just wondering if there is anyway I can just use this to farm with GPU and not the CPU?

just use -t 0 option

Use -p 0 so uses no cpu

Had to clock down my 750ti a bit, 34.7 - 35.8 sols over the last 10 minutes or so. So still good. If stable.

Any improvement coming for cpu side? I know cpu mining is pretty crap but i get 94 sols from my rig at home cpu mining. would be nice to see that creep over 100 :slight_smile:

Can someone help us how to mine this program? Exact bat file and commands.

Thank you

NiceHash Miner is coming out in few hours with this miner included. Then everything is on click.

Don't suppose there will be claymore or the better AMD miners included to? I do like using the nicehash gui miner :slight_smile:

GTX 1050 48 Sol/s with only 30 W.

no linux release? ......

This miner works only on nicehash? or it could be used for others pools?

Added ability to launch multiple threads/instances per device.


-cd 0 0

-cd 0 0? Ok works, sol rate slightly reduced on 750ti, tad over half a sol

The -h does not mention help for threads.


Does this one work with a pool ?


Some people reported higher speeds running two instances. We were unable to confirm that, but since it is easy to modify, we did it.

Wow! This is amazing! Getting 90 sol/s on my GTX 980m and i7-6700HQ compared to 35-40 sol/s on nheqminer

Any chance of being able to mine ZEC/ZCL in pools in the future?

I can't seem to access this link

Sorry, broken link, fixed now.

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