October 15, 2017 - Dev update

This week we continued working on writing and reviewing pull requests for the 1.0.13 release. There was focus on infrastructure components such as migrating upstream’s MiniNode support (PR 2533), builder improvements (PR 2648), benchmarks for listunspent (PR 2650), new driver scripts for the test suite (PR 2654) and a memory benchmark for validatelargetx (PR 2659).

We also continued work on getting payment disclosure (PR 2159) ready as an experimental feature having done some code reviews and subsequent fixes. Next week we’ll do another round of reviews and will work further on the associated ZIP.

Communication & education
We’re getting ready for a Zcash sponsored zero-knowledge workshop at the upcoming Ethereum Devcon where several of our scientists and engineers will present on recent research and development. We’re happy to have significant slot at Devcon to represent work in Zcash and to continue collaborations with Ethereum developers to progress zero-knowledge in blockchains for the entire ecosystem.

Relatedly, this week we had the opportunity to present at events (Paralelni Polis Hackers Congress & Munich Bitcoin meetup) alongside some of the Monero community. This was a really nice opportunity to get some face-time with the people enthusiastic about a competing technology for some bridge building and positive, constructive debate. I highly recommend our community to take similar in-person opportunities to engage with Monero folks. After all, we have the same goals to achieve private cryptocurrency and while the methods to achieve that are pretty different, there’s a lot we can learn from each other.

We also continued work on revamping the backend of our blog to facilitate better filtering of categories i.e. heavy math posts vs. ecosystem announcements.


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