Official process to upgrade to 1.0.1

What is the official process to upgrade to 1.0.1 if you are running sprout? I dont want to blow up my install and wallet. Do you do the git and then recompile?


It’s the same for backing up wallet little to no information available. sorry :wink:

I am on ubuntu desktop 16.04 and would also like step by step process. I don’t want to blow up my wallet and lose my zec. The official guide is lacking details.

While you are waiting for some official answer, here is the way I did the upgrade on my virtual Linux Mint Setup:

p.s. don’t forget to backup your “wallet.dat” file (copy it to some other location or upload to some cloud storage or whatever).

tested 5 minutes ago - upgraded to new Client v1.0.2 on Ubuntu 16.04

git fetch origin
git checkout v1.0.2
./zcutil/ -j$(nproc)



I’m sorry, may be I am too dumb in programming, but what has changed in this new release except the release number?.. :confused:

Release notes:

ITH4Coinomia (2):
      Update init.cpp

S. Matthew English (1):
      enforcing consistency 'tor' to 'Tor'

Sean Bowe (1):
      Write R1CS output to file in GenerateParams.

Simon (4):
      Fixes #1762 segfault when miner is interrupted.
      Fixes #1779 so that sending to multiple zaddrs no longer fails.
      Add GenIdentity, an identity function for MappedShuffle.
      Add transaction size and zaddr output limit checks to z_sendmany.

This worked. Thanks.

apparently, there’s another bug in V.1.02