Updating to 1.0.2

I’m a complete linux nub, had to follow the virtualbox guide to get the zcash miner setup on multiple computers to begin with. I have been unable to find step by step instructions on updating from sprout 1.0.0 to 1.0.1 or even the new 1.0.2. Could somebody provide some simple directions on how one would go about updating to the newer versions of zcash as they come out?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think a guide is available for updating to 1.0.2 unfortunatley. You can follow the guide for upgrading to 1.01 but change the number and make sure you backup first. There isn’t a guide for backing up sorry :smile:

Founders didn’t include a documention tax. :laughing:

If you already followed the above documentation to install 1.0.0 then just re-enter the following command if your system hasn’t updated automatically.

sudo apt-get install zcash

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The following outlines how to update.
If you’ve made any changes to 1.0.1 branch you’ll need to commit these before hand; shall presume you haven’t, so say if otherwise.
Backup wallets as usual.

Cd into your local zcash clone and run:

$ git fetch -v

View available sprouts:

$ git tag

Checkout sprout X and create new branch:

$ git checkout -b v1.0.1

bext go to Build section in Home · zcash/zcash Wiki · GitHub and follow through

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I get an error when I try your method Voluntary. It says “E: unable to locate package zcash”

I just followed the upgrading guide at your link anon and replaced the v1.0.1 with v1.0.2, everything seems to be working okay. I didn’t see the note about “Also make sure that your ~/.zcash directory contains only zcash.conf to start with.” until after I was done. This shouldn’t cause any problems should it? Version seems to be right with -getinfo command and server is running.

Did it upgrade to v1.0.2 ? :slight_smile:

Documention is too thin maybe they didn’t raise enough money or didn’t have time but 20 percent mining tax is well documented in a blog. Sorry don’t know the answer.

ps Zooko shut his twitter feed and is busy getting drunk :smile:

You keep saying that but it sounds more like you’re jealous of other people’s success.

Yeah, I would also be ashamed and get drunk, releasing something with such poor documention it’s an embarrassment.

But hey, yeah I’m quite jealous of the well crafted sales material in those blog posts :slight_smile:

Yeah seemed to upgrade okay to v1.0.2 despite my type of repeating v1.0.1. Miner seems to be running fine with no errors and -getinfo lists 1000025 for version. It’s only the first two weeks of mining and they’re busy making updates and stuff so I’m not to upset about the limited documentation. I’m sure they will clean it up once they get all the bugs ironed out. I think a lot of their documentation assumes you’re already familiar with basic linux functionality and commands. It’s hard to write a book for kindergarteners if you’ve got your doctrine in literature.

I think it’s standard to include the basic stuff even in ‘limited documentation’, the backing up procedure for one. It seems to me that more effort went into selling it to stake holders.

It’s disapointing that what could have been something good has turned out to be just another get rich scheme by unscupoulous actors in the crypto scene.

I would also note that the hype resulted in ‘kindergardeners’ being extorted by other unscrupulous nerds selling over priced cloud mining contracts while others overexcited by the prospect of fair mining rushed out to buy expensive hardware to line the pockets of the founders and investors with a 20% mining tax.

The only good thing I see that has come from all this is Zclassic ZCL which btw is now listed on coinmarketcap with a trading price around 5 USD

Honestly my biggest complaint was allowing Trojan botnets on services like nicehash. Although after opening this ticket Protection From Trojan Botnets · Issue #190 · nicehash/nheqminer · GitHub it appears the top 3 shareholders with over 100k shares have gone away making the division of discovered zcash shares more even. I really do believe zcash will the the crypto currency of the future. There will always be people taking advantage of new revenue streams when they can. The creators deserve a share for their creation, although I don’t know where you came up with 20%. It clearly states in the FAQ that the founders reward is 10% over four years with 1.44% of that going to future development of the platform. Frequently Asked Questions - Zcash

You know, that’s what happens with CPU mining but the fun part is that the ‘creators’ still went ahead and released a CPU mining algo despite it being well known that GPU mining would become the defacto. So, why was CPU mining used to sale the coin? it fits the sales and marketing agenda the fair mining image ‘all coins are equal’, correct ?

I have already pointed out the well crafted sales material in the blogs and how that was used to sell the coin, Examine the blogs I think you’ll find it’s 20% over 4 years but it’s presented as 10% over the entire supply. It’s cleaverly crafted sales material designed to sucker in the crypto community.

What the ‘creators’ aka sales team aim to achieve is ‘aligned incentives’ so that they don’t have to develop even the most basic support materials, wallets, miners and other ecosysem basics… They want to encourage a community to do that for them because of ‘aligned incentives’… Sorry but I fail to see the alignment 20% is 20% it dosen’t even become 10% until after 21million coins how close to that is bitcoin today ?

But not at the expense of miners they don’t. hence Zclassic ZCL :heart_eyes:

No reason as to why this would cause any conflicts. If you’re concerned of smth going wrong, just backup the entirety of the .zcash dir.