Official Shielded Support for Zcash In Ledger HW Wallet

Hi @zkPete @dismad

Currently, we’re investigating some issues related to spends/incorrect balances between the app and the wallet. A lot of frustration is building up due to these ongoing problems and unexpected delays, but our team is committed to resolving them.

We have been struggling with some incompatibilities between our Ledger app and lib(ledger-zcash-rs) and the lite-cli crate.

  • zip32 derivation issues: this is already fixed and we are now using official test vectors
  • nullifier calculation was ignoring the derivation path and funds were not considered spent in the CLI :pensive:

We have been looking at a reference implementation for example, Zcash node code to re-use some of their tests, and compare the result with our unit-tests ensuring we get to the same values mentioned above when using the same seed.

The main issue is that this is complex rust code that has changed a lot and we are pretty behind… upgrading can be a huge challenge.

In the process, we have made several improvements to the app to enhance performance and clean up the code.

We have created an internal task force and allocated our best resources to tackle these challenges.

Although we haven’t heard back recently from other wallets making progress on the integration, we remain open and willing to assist them in achieving compatibility with the new Ledger app. A desktop or CLI integration compatible with the Ledger app is a requirement for the release.

I will do my best to keep the community updated more frequently on our progress and timelines.