On Patience

To be patient means to diligently wait with calmness and full assurance for something that is yet to manifest, even when it takes longer than expected. Patience is one of the most powerful virtues that guarantees peace and victory.
Today, the Master admonishes us to be patient at all times. This is because the second coming of Christ is near and unpredictable. If we are not patient in this world we might run into things that will make us miss the rapture: God forbid!
Let us be patient with God’s timing in our career, marriage, ministry, finances and relationships. Please never step out until it’s time, for the timing of man leads to destruction. Jesus is never late, wait on Him.

Let us establish our hearts in the realization that Christ shall never fail in His promises to us. Let us establish our hearts in the word of God. Let every evil suggestions from the enemy be discarded. We have come this far, let us continue to be patient in all things, living in holiness no matter the storms. There’s joy and fulfillment at the end. It’s not over until the victory manifest. Be patient!

Let’s pray together.
Dear Father, thank you for your promises and fulfillment of it. Please help us to be patient and be established in your love forever, in Jesus name. Amen.


I could bet a spam link is incoming …

I know, I am not going to flag this tho, I want to see where it goes. I have no idea what the original post is even trying to get across.

Amen Brother.

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This is my original article. I write daily. I’m a writer for many blogs like Steemit, weku, jamaa. I’m also on Facebook. You can check for Asian George or greatness96 and Georgedent George on Facebook. Thanks.


If you don’t mind me asking.

What languages apart from English do you speak, and can write fluently in? On this forum, which is dedicated to technology and cryptography, we need some translators.

As a writer, what skills could you bring to the non English speaking communities and which communities could you out reach to?

zcash is designed around financial privacy from governments amongst other things. I see Africa as a massive potential for zcash to do good in the world, is this something you could help with?

I can translate my local language but it’s not a popular language. I can only write English. Besides writing I can advertise zcash to my African community.


That sounds really cool.

Do you know much about zcash and crypto currency in general? Do you know much about privacy coins?

How did you find these forums?

I can link you to some great resources if that would help you get up to speed?

Sorry for all the questions and welcome to the forums.

Thanks. I know about cryptocurrency. I got to know about Zcash on Masmic. I got interested because of the anonymous nature of your transactions. I’m ready to learn more, so you can send the link. Thanks.

I have never heard of Masmic, what is it?

I am not too sure of your technical level so some of these might be too simple or maybe too complex. Please feel free to ask any questions in this thread. I will do my best to provide answers and link you to more information. :slight_smile:

This is a great place to start:

Then there is the zcash foundation. they support the community and interface with the community and ECC (the company behind zcash)

This is a more detailed look at the technology and how it works.

If you would prefer youtube videos or different types of information you can talk on here or at these places:

There is also a testnet setup where you can play with zcash (the technology works the same, but the coins are not worth real money so it is just something to get used to using and not having to worry about losing real money, shielded transactions, private notes, view keys, transferring coins. public v private addresses and so much more.)

As a side question, do you think the privacy features of zcash would make zcash more appealing to people in African nations, rather than a crypto currency with no privacy like bitcoin or Ethereum? With bitcoin and Ethereum the government can check everything you have bought and how much you have, just like a normal bank account.

I know a lot of people use mobile phones in Africa to transfer money, and it is reported in western press (I live in the UK) that a lot of African people do not have bank accounts (like a lot of Americans). So would mobile phone support be an essential thing?

I am really sorry for all these questions, but you seem very open and I am really interested other countries and how things work. Feel free to not answer any of them. or just ignore them all. I will still be glad to answer any questions you might have about zcash.



Masmic - Answer questions and earn rewards


Masmic is an online global marketplace for crowdsourced user ideas, knowledge and attention. On Masmic , anyone can get a query solved in a timely manner …

I clicked the link, but I have no idea what I am looking at, lol. is it like yahoo answers but you get paid?

You have to register before you access the blog

To many Africans, cryto is still new. The privacy option is great but most people don’t really know how cryto works. Thus, it takes someone that can give some lectures about it with proofs that cryto is a better financial way of life.


Hi, thank you for joining the forum! You might also like cent.co, by the way, if you haven’t already checked it out.

Is that picture of you and your wife? I love the aqua blue outfits!

Thanks so much. Yes, that’s us. I’ll check it out.

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Welcome brother. Thank you for the post. Glad to have you here with us.

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Thank you very plenty

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