One reason I mine is because I pay only $48 US/coin

I pay about $48 USD for each coin.


EDIT: My farm paid for itself during the Go-Go times :wink:

Yes, it was pure luck :wink:

At least you know what your making. My balance is unreadable lol

At the moment I’m paying 180€ per coin - but keep supporting cryptocurrency ideology… and one day…:grin:

how much are you paying in electricity?

I’ve got 4.2 Sol/Watt and I’m @ 90$ per coin (1% pool fee included and eletric cost of 0.20$)

I’m in a residential area with low hydro electric costs (it is a small, customer owned cooperative) and pay 0.10

About half of my rigs are in an industrial location where I’m able to get free electricity.

Without that benefit ^^^^ I would be closer to $90USD/ coin

Because of my electrical situation, I really don’t pay much attention to Sol/watt.

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lucky you :smiley:
GL with mining!