Group Mining info

Hey guys, I would like some tips/info.

So, me and 3 other friends would like to build mining rigs. For start we were thinking 2 rigs with 6 GPUs.
From all of us, only me has some knowledge about crypto mining (crypto world), they were just recently found out about it, and they would like to give it a try with mining.
So, since I’m the only one who will be doing the build, setting wallets, pool workers etc (they only want to invest some money for hardware and let me do all the stuff) what do you think would be fair for me?
Should I invest less, should I not pay for electricity, should I get some % fee every month…?
What do you guys think it’s best situation for me (and them)? I would like to be fair, but still I believe I should earn something extra for my work and maintenance.

I would love to hear your opinions.

Invest less. Get them to pay for power costs and setup. Don’t lessen yourself. Set your charges @ 35% and climb to 40 tops, as they’ll be getting anywhere from 70%+ gains based on annual ROI; that is if you chose all the correct parts and didn’t overspend. If price climbs charge, take half of the %, seeing as again, they’ll already be happy with their 30-40% rets as no other investment in any other market could come close to delivering that in one year. If they say you’re overcharging just show them the ret estimates. End of conversation.

let everybody build their own rig, own research etc. after that, compare and learn from each other. 3 can learn and improve more than one

I would say start small, don’t go all in since you are 3 ppl on this project and it might not even work out…

And about the work you putting up to manage this on your own, talk to your friends what’s fair and explain what you actually are doing and ask what kind of payment they think is the best.

Good luck!

They suggest I invest 1000eur, they 1250eur. Is it fair or should I ask for more?

Thats the only difference, after that we would all pay the same for electricity, profit share equally.