What is your electricity cost?

Mine is 0.06 euros / kWh.

That’s cheap. ~0.15€/kWh in Finland… :grimacing:

do you mine with 0.15?

Yep. Profitable still…

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That is nothing wish I hv this opportunity where do you live? UK 0.13 gbp = 0.17 USD that is why I m looking for sol/wat which is the most important for me :-/ I m on 1080 ti around 3.8 s/w

I live in Greece. Regular cost is about 0.11 or 0.12 euro/kWh but i have lower price because of my job.

0.1449€ that mean 0.164 $

I’m in the same boat, all about the watts and cost of cards.

0.11 in South Carolina, USA.

about 0.16 USD in Hong Kong

12 cents at the top tier

Freaking 0.26 USD at my place.

0.24 per kWh in Singapore Dollars. So about 0.16 USD.

In Mexico the electricty at indusitrial areas its really cheap

is $ 0.0024 USD / KWH

$0.10 USD / KWH in GA

$.19 USD in Philippines

We have 0.16$ USD in Israel

€ 0.19/kWh in the Netherlands.

USD $0.06/kWh (after subsidy) in Delhi, India.

$0.15/kWh in Vietnam.