Only 2Mh/s each card @ 6x 1070

Hi there,

I finally managed to get my 6x MSI 1070 to show up in Windows.
Now when i start the miner i only get 15 Mh/s in total of 6 cards. Before i did it with 3 Cards same type i was around 90 Mh/s.

I am using the nvidia Driver 368.81 the newest did not work for me.For the Mobo i intsalled newest Bios and activatet 4g/mining and put Gen0 and Gen1 to 1

Mobo: MSI z270 Gaming M5
Cards: 6xMSI 1070
PSU: 1600w Lepa
Windows 10 64Bit

Any idea whats wrong?


Have you updated windows 10 creators update, if not try that, also if you looking for monitoring software go with:
Try 382.05 drivers.

FInally i manged it holy cow that was a crazy week to figure stuff out :slight_smile:

Iam running now latest driver from nvidia normal Windows 10 64 bit No creators update.

I have now around 186.3 Mh/s and 63-65 Powerconsumption.

The problem was to have all cards pluged in and have to boot Windows,
then fresh install of GPU Driver all Cards pluged in and finally all 6 Cards showing up in Device Manager, MSI Afterburner, and the Miner.

What exactly do you mean when you say Mhash/s when referring to ZCash? I’m getting 480 Sol/s on GTX 1080. How do you convert those?

He’s mining ETH not Zcash.

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