Help in Portuguese and English 1080 ti

Hello everyone, I'm new here and I need some help.
I am mining with 6 msi 1080 ti and I think I am not mining as much as I should.
I'm doing between 680sol / s and 730sol / s but I read that to get to 800sol / s.
I would like someone to help me with that.

My second question is:
The zcash at this moment is not in the best heights and with a difficulty I think I'm high, and I had to see in whattomine with vision of a week is better to mine zencash, so I do not know how to start mining this coin.
With zcash it was easy to download the file and it was easy to mine it with zencash.
Can someone help me with this? I think this week it is better to mine with this coin.

My apologies for English, but I'm still not very good at English.

Ola a todos, sou novo por aqui e preciso de uma ajuda.
Estou a minerar com 6 msi 1080 ti e acho q não estou a minerar ao maximo que deveria.
Estou a fazer entre 680sol/S e 730sol/s mas ja li que de para chegar aos 800sol/s.
Gostava que alguem me ajuda-se com isso.

Em portugues
A minha segunda pergunta é:
O zcash neste momento não esta nas melhores alturas e com uma dificuldade acho eu alta, e tive a ver no whattomine com visão de uma semana é melhor minerar zencash, so que não sei como começar a minerar essa moeda.
com o zcash foi facil descarreguei o ficheiro e foi facil por a minerar com o zencash não.
Alguem me pode ajudar nisso? penso que esta semana esteja melhor minerar com esta moeda.

As minhas desculpas com o ingles, mas ainda não estou muito bem a ingles

Well for your first question, if you overclock using MSI Afterburner you can get 800 sol/s but that is the extreme limit of your GPU. I got 800 sol/s but that was for short term after maxing my overclock. I do not recommend it as it will shorten your GPU lifespan, creates a lot of heat, and the efficiency is poor. You have a good hashrate.

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Thanks for the answer.
Yes it's true.
Probably even increased energy consumption too, and that's not what we want either.

What are you mining now? The difficulty in the Zcash remains high and the value of it descends. I do not know if I change the coin now for a few weeks or if I continue to mine zcassh

Personally im going with the "slow and steady wins the race "method.

Using asus 1080ti fe 11gb cards i tried overclocking and lots of power. I found soo much inconsistency and unreliability (crashes). I backed my power down to 85% core to 235 and mem to 350. The cards process extremely consistent at an average of 720 now. The run cool they run cheap and the return is very consistent.

I spent a few days trying to squeeze every sol i could but the cards would crash or show big spikes and valleys in the chart over any given time period and the end result was less product.

Its definately tough to not want to keep adjusting and tuning. But my rigs are reliable and consistent with these settings and i dont have to worry about them.

I have mine now. Very stable.
I do not know why but the last gpu is always lower, and it just happens to me with this rig.
Because in the other I have in average 4400 sun, more or less …
What do you think? What can I do to improve, and put more stable?

i think you can lower the powerlimit a bit, 85% maybe

just like iapz says

Downloading Power to 85% Break 150/200 sols

Can you show me a picture like this is yours and how much?
My pc blocks if I put more than 120

maybe 120 sols less from what ive noticed at 85%
but the watts decrease a lot

i have my 6 1080ti rig set at 90% now.

How many Sol´s are you doing?
If possible can you send me a photo to try the same adjustment and see if it works well with my rig.
I've read something that depending on the program, you can manage to extract more Sols from the gpu with the same settings.

Are you mining zec?

Hello everyone,
Strange not to be responding to me because of not understanding everything they tell me and being new.
I hope I'm not asking any questions that I should not ask.
In fact for me it would be easier with an image, I do not realize when they tell me to put down to 85% core to 235 and mem to 350.

If that's what I think, my rig will block when I put more than 120

This was with power at 90. I dropped to 85 and found to be more stable. Sorry was offline for a while do to actual work.

I tried this setting. Everything went black and motherbord I think he died.
I do not know what happened... :frowning:

How many Sol/s … are you doing with this setup?
How many 1080 ti do you have?
What kind of power supplies do you have? Or power

Because I do not get this setup, and I would like to see if it’s worth it.