Orchard watch-only wallet

Is there already a wallet that supports importing Orchard Viewing Keys?

In more details, I need

  • to upload Orchard Viewing Keys (not spending keys)
  • to get Orchard shielded utxos with up-to-date witnesses
  • compatibility with testnet

I’am aware that there are many affords and grants to implement Orchard, but I’m getting totally lost in their current status.

@hanh @adityapk00 @zancas @str4d ?

cc @prusnak


Described in the Zcash protocol spec 5.6.4, currently there is not support for this, I’ll dig around more:

There is no Bech32[m] encoding defined for an individual Orchard full viewing key; instead use a unified full
viewing key as defined in [ZIP-316].

Described in the Zcash protocol spec 5.6.4 …

I’m asking something else.

Yeah, Orchard keys and addresses should be shared in unified format.

My question is: Is there already a wallet to which I can import my unified full viewing key containing an Orchard fvk?

Support unified full and incoming viewing key import & export. · Issue #5687 · zcash/zcash · GitHub

ok , so zcash-cli is not an option

No, currently not supported. I raised the issue about how I personally thought seed and key imports (or at least one method) should be prioritized in the following release.

how about

It’s an issue that I’m definitely tracking and I will post any updates about it that I see

We don’t intend to support this immediately.