Oscillating PoW/PoS Hybrid Algorithm

I came into this discussion rather frustrated with the quickly transitioning conversation about the mining of Zcash being turned to proof of stake. This decision is not ideal to me, and I have the following idea to propose to you, that will hopefully resonate with a middle ground that all layers of the zcash ecosystem can identify a useful transitional role with a hybrid chain.

Oscillating Proof of Work / Proof of Stake Hybrid Algo Concept

This is a simple, first impression of the idea I formed after reading the mega thread and considered all angles.

X= % of Network Difficulty/Block height increase
Y= Dynamic Time, based on the moving average of X

The network hashrate increases by 5% 3 blocks in a row. This would have a later consequence represented in the difficulty being increased to high block heights. This compounded 5% moving average could be the threshold for a 1 hour Proof of Stake dynamic time function.

This dynamic time function should directly respond to the time frame it takes to develop a new Asics, and be multiplied enough to make long durations, potentially weeks of Proof of Stake, in order for the network to respond to the changing hashrate.

Miners in general small and large, would be protected from secret or privately developed Asics. if the ASIC’s manufacturer developed a new Asics they couldn’t afford to test many of them on the main net without bottlenecking this dynamic time function in a way that would decrease the profit motive to make Asics that are not widely distributed and turning on at different times, less profitable.

Further reading,

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I.m.o. Zcash ought to get away from ASIC miners entirely, and as fast as possible.

They’re in large part, non-aligned mercenaries (they fight for security, are paid in ZEC) who have a near-zero appreciation for holding/ storing their ZEC.

(I’m doing some research into past community PoW/ PoS threads, and was very caught off guard that nobody paid this thread any interest)

Anticipate a poll in the next day or two, where the community will be asked about their current opinions.

  1. remain as-is, PoW with ASICs
  2. transition to Hybrid PoW/PoS, then eventually to total PoS
  3. transition to Hybrid PoW/PoS, and remain there (I believe this post by @PhusionPhil is an example)
  4. transition directly to PoS (avoiding the engineering of a Hybrid consensus state)