Overclocking GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme

Hello everyone.

I am looking for the optimal parameters to overclock my mining rig. Atm, i am using 6 of those:

I'm mining with NiceHashMiner, for overclocking i use MSI Afterburner 4.4.0. Beta 12.

Nvidia drivers 384.76

My current values are:

Core Voltage (%): +2
Power Limit (%): 150
Temp. Limit (C): 90
Core Clock (Mhz): +40
Memory Clock (Mhz): +100
Fan Speed (%): 98 (manual setting)

Looking forward for some good advice!

How many sols are you getting now per card

Hey :slight_smile:
I mine with the same three cards. My setup:
Core Clock (Mhz): +65
Memory Clock (Mhz): -200

Averages using EWGA miner on Flypool:
GPU0: 70С, 731 Sol/s
GPU1: 76С, 731 Sol/s
GPU2: 73С, 729 Sol/s
Total speed: 2191 Sol/s

I'm using 384.76 driver in gtx 1080 ti FE EVGA and these values:

Core: 0%
Power Limit: 80% (better for 24x7 operation and lower temp: 61~63C)
Temp Limit: 77C
Core Clock: +180 Mhz
Memory Clock: + 200Mhz
Fan: Auto in MSI Afterburner

700 Sol/s for each card with this setup.

I'm currently using Zec miner 0.3.4b and I noticed about 10/15% plus faster than Nicehash miner.

Looking for some advices too!

Regarding Sol/s, data right after starting, then they fall by 20Sol/s. So atm i get 750Sol/s

damn I want this card...what was the price range you paid?

what OS/output is that also, I would love to know the power usage of mine.

$750 when I bought them

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What risers are you using?

that's what I see online currently (700$) NIB...

cant find many used ones out there....

would love to grab one soon, I got 290x, hashing 300, this bad boy would double that.

Nice :slight_smile: I have the same Sols, but… I prefer to keep temp lower. Also pay attention to Efficiency, it can be better.

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$1K for me :grimacing:

hey. after analysing all of your settings, this is where i got

how should i manipulate the power limit now? go lower of higher and to what extend should it work? when trying higher core clock, the miners got unstable and crashed

How do you enable the efficiency table thing?

add --pec to your bat file

If you increase the power limit then you can overclock more with more stability

No electricity cost? :dollar: :fire:

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Mining in flypool with 3 EVGA 1080 Ti SC2. Roughly 620W for whole rig, reading from power meter.

My another gaming rig with 2 Asus 1080 Ti Turbo Edition. So far these are the best efficiency I have without sacrificing too much hashrate.

I wish! But I see that electricity is not that much of an issue for me.

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