Overclocking GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme

after some fine tuning, me and zielar get something like this with our rig;)

I hope electricity is free to you

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6.814365863USD/day for the electricity from where we dig

311+316+310+315+295+298= 1 845
1 845 ÷ 0,91= 2 027,4725274725
2 027,4725274725 ÷ 1000= 2,0274725275
2,0274725275 x 24= 48,6593406593
48,6593406593 × 0,14= 6,8123076923

Power cost only for GPUs, right?
This is not efficient

close, but i calculated for 2000W, since that is an average of what i get on my meter

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What are your fan speeds for those temps?

My fans are set to auto, so I am not aware of speed.

Here are my settings, not best efficienty settings but best settings for 720 sol/s stable

2x 1080 ti AORUS
(I’ve got other cards on a simplemining rig)

Getting 765 on my Aorus. 2nd card is a Zotac 1060 6g mini

Temp: GPU0: 62C GPU1: 65C
GPU0: 765 Sol/s GPU1: 307 Sol/s
Total speed: 1072 Sol/s
| GPU | Power usage | Efficiency |
| 0 | 242W | 3.16 Sol/W |
| 1 | 89W | 3.45 Sol/W |

cor +300 / +100
mem + 700 / +1000
fan @ 70 & 60
power - 245 / 90

looking for a hero script for EWBF to auto reboot on crash running in ethOS


Here is my problem. using 2x evga 1080 ti sc black edition and evga gtx 1070 sc edition.

Power target is 95% and all cards are manually set to 50% fan speed. No OC yet. Also using a 16’ vent.

GPU0 and GPU1 have low sol rates and cant figure out the problem. checked the power cables, and risers, nothing changed.
Sometimes they go to normal rates after resetting the windows. But then they drop to those rates again.

Any suggestion or help would be much appericiated!

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guys, learn to use the Voltage/Frequency curve editor of the MSI Afterburner, you can prolly get 4.00+ Sol/W

ok, so this is HOW low on Watts and with decent Hashes we managed to get with our 6 Aoruses tonight.

atm Skunkhash more profitable, yet i gotta check out the Watts there.

EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Black Edition
what is the hashrate for this card and sols for this.

700-715 stock; 750-770 at various stable overclocks. I’ve managed 770-785 with my custom water-cooled cards. As you’ll ask what setting to use next, I’ll add that you’re going to have to play around with them to determine what’s best. It’s going to depend on what kind of efficiency you want to get in addition to the quality of your GPU silicon. As a general rule of thumb, Micron memory (installed in these cards) tends to tolerate less intense memory overclocks. Good luck.

ok so my partner just ask me today if he invested money to build a high rig he wants it to make a lil over 3k a week but i have no idea what to do
1 sol =? ksols

In Zcash, 1 sol/s is basically 1 hash/s (or 0.001 kH/s). Unless your coworker is looking to dump his life-savings into managing a mining farm, I believe his goal is unrealistic, unfortunately.

so these are the video cards i was looking at for hi were the EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Black Edition x10 of them but from what i was looking online was just stock is 680 sols with out O/C.

You would need a H/s rate of 120,000 = roughly 172 - 1080 TI GPU’s

This does not factor in power

Thank you citric acid finally so one was cool enough to help me figure it out thank you.

For 2x1080 Ti Aorus Extreme, this is what I get at the moment. Did not really play with Voltage/Frequency curve, but I will during the next days