How fast is actually MSI GTX 1080 TI Founders?

Just wondering how fast is your MSI GTX 1080TI Founders?

I only got 580 sol after OC.

Many claim on youtube they can get up to 710-760 sol

Just wondering why mine got so low… Perhaps you can help.


I’m using an Nvidia and Asus founders and getting roughly 600-650 sol without OC or anything. They’re both consistently running at 84c which I’m a bit worried about.

What did you change in OC?

What miner do you recommend to use?

Using 4 GTX 1080TI.

MSI Afterburner Settings:
Power Limit: 80%
Core Clock: +150
Memory Clock: +500
Custom Fan Speed: 0% until 50° Celsius → 100% from 70° Celsius on.
My cards stay well within 62° to 66°.

EWBF’s CUDA Miner 0.3.4b

Hashpower per GPU: 680 to 720 Sol/s
Total: About 2.8 kSol/s
Power Usage per GPU: About 200W
Efficiency: About 3.50 Sol/W

Hope this helps to give you raw estimates.

does EWBF work with slushpool?

Don’t know. Why mine to slushpool if you have bigger players like flypool with like 40% of the global hashing power?

Sure, you split your rewards with a lot of miners but bigger pools get more results more often.

I’ll look into flypool. Thank you. Do you mind helping me with a link as to how to set up EWBF to work with flypool? as far as the command lines? If it’s not too much trouble, can you provide your command line and i will figure out the rest? you can erase out any private info. I just want to see a sample template

We are actually using quite sophisticated scripts in which we poll our miners for activity and restart everything if necessary. These script would probably confuse you more than they help.

So for starters i’ll just give you a basic syntax to execute the miner on flypool with proper statistic output in the miner window. Keep in mind that you want to use MSI Afterburner (given you are on windows) to tune the GPUs.

miner.exe --templimit 85 --pec --log 1 --server --port 3333 --user YourZcashTaddress --pass x --cuda_devices 0 1 2 3

(This is one line!)

Quick rundown:

miner.exe // Execute miner
–templimit 85 // Max Temperature before miner halts operation (good when Afterburner or GPU screws up)
–pec // Displays Sol/W Effeciency Data in miner window. Good for Afterburner tuning.
–log 1 // Creates Logfile in miner directory about crashes and problems
–server // Server the miner connects to. Choose right server based on locale
–port 3333 // Communication port as defined by pool
–user YourZcashTaddress // Username = Your T-Address to which the pool cashes out
–pass x // No Password required. Field can be used for advanced config, otherwise leave x
–cuda_devices 0 1 2 3 // How many GPU should be used. Each number represents 1 GPU. In this case 4 GPU will be used.

Should give you enough info to play around.

you’re awesome thank you!

No problem. Good luck and report back if you run into issues.


mine is now run better than previously. It gives me 745sol/s now using the Afterburner setting:

Power 104
Coreclock +205
Memory Clock +545
Fan Speed 75%

You’re not going to want to run this in perpetuity - it could kill your card overclocking like this for extended periods of time.

what will be your suggestion?

If you don’t care about Sol/watt:
Power 98%
Coreclock +40-80
Memory Clock +90 (no higher than 100)
Fan Speed 90%

If you care about Sol/watt:
Power 80%
Coreclock +20-40
Memory Clock +80 (no higher than 100)
Fan Speed 80-90%

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I’m looking at some of Flypool’s miners and these guys are doing like 265,000 sols at the very least, who is doing this? corporations?

Root, why memory clock no higher than 100? I’ve been playing with settings all day and can’t seem to get over 750 sol/s. Best I’ve gotten so far without CUDA crashing is +100 core +350 mem clock, and getting around 735 sol/s. If you’ve tried something stable that can give more sol/s, I’d really appreciate it.

750 Sol/s is great for long-term mining. 788 Sol/s is the highest I’ve been able to get it to at the max overclock 120% power, but that level of overclocking isn’t sustainable.

The reason I’m not pushing the OC is because sometimes the EWBF miner will shut down if you push it too much (even the water cooled ones). It can start fine and run for an hour or two but there is a high probability that you will get an error and the miner will just stop finding shares. Not great.

I also want my mining rigs to run cool and I don’t want to stress the cards. They will last longer, have more resell value if you ever want to sell. Slow and steady wins the race.

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Would you mind posting the scripts you’re using? My one above is very simple, but I will probably be able to understand what yours is doing and might even be able to add to it. Also are you on Linux or Windows?

Please do me a favor and tell me your Sol/W.

Sure those 750+ Sols seem nice but IMHO they come at a way to high price in terms of power consumption and stress for the GPU.

What’s your opinion about this?

I’m water-cooling, so it’s not as tough on the cards. I’m anywhere from 2.8 to 3.2 Sol/watt.