Problem in transactions

Hi. I have a problem. Create a wallet and transfer 0.01. All right. Then create another one on my server, to spend money between the wallet, send 0.0035 ZEC. But when checking the balance of my wallet I remain at 0. I only made one transfer, the rest, the 0.0064 ZEC transferred it to a wallet that does not belong to me and that is not on my server.
The address is not mine. It is not on my server. Where did that money go

easy the wallet that has a zero balance is not 100% sync’d

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While your problem isn’t entirely clear I think this is simply that the remaining amount has been sent to a change address. You can confirm this with zcash-cli z_gettotalbalance and hopefully you’ll see the balance there.

Transparent addresses work as per Bitcoin and that the full UTXO must be spent so anything that isn’t spent in the transaction will be returned as “change”. By default in Bitcoin (which holds for t-addrs in Zcash) this is to a new address. You can see to which address by running zcash-cli listaddressgroupings. With z-addrs change is returned to the sending address which is far more intuitive as address reuse of shielded addresses isn’t an issue.

Edit after seeing the above post - if change isn’t the issue then I agree the node likely isn’t fully synched.