Penumbra Collab

Just discovered our very own (not anymore :frowning: ) @hdevalence’s new project Penumbra ( It is very very interesting to me.

Private staking + Private liquidity mining + private governance + private swaps & transfers. Seems like Penumbra is how Zcash would be created in 2021 (crypto ages unlike anything we have seen — considering Zcash was launched just 5 years ago).

Is it possible for Zcash to collab w/ Penumbra @hdevalence ? (I’m not sure how exactly — may be you or others have ideas).


cc @secparam @zooko @nathan-at-least

Good thread posting. But its like no one care. I m await for so long about zcash staking. Am asking so many times n its just get no answer. I hope staking on zcash to be come true. N why so few zcash marketing video on youtube?