Cosmos Privacy & ZKP Showcase

I’d like to invite you to an online event I’m helping to organize this Friday: the Cosmos Privacy & ZKP Showcase.

We’re going to be featuring talks by several of the latest projects bringing privacy and zero-knowledge technology to the Cosmos ecosystem, including a talk about Penumbra, a new privacy project that former Zcash Foundation engineer Henry de Valence is working on.

I think this event could be a great way for Zcash and Cosmos communities to learn from one another, and potentially find interesting new opportunities for collaboration (maybe if you attend you’ll meet someone during the networking session who can pick up work on the Zcash Pegzone project or help contribute to another Zcash-related project?)

The event is this Friday, March 26th from 16-19:00 UTC / 12-3pm EDT / 9am-12pm PDT. You can sign up for free here:

Hope to see you there!