Permission denied diring installing

Please help me
When digit the 3th comand:
Sudo echo "deb…
I receive message of permission denied, how i can solve this?
Thanks to all

You probably need to get sudo permission for your user. Search how to stop sudo permission errors. There is probably a good stack overflow answer for this. Also, I don’t recommend using the “ALL” access. You’ll want to look up what is appropriate for what this user is doing.

Thanks for reply, have solved this, but later with comand
Sudo apt-get update
All files are not found, and now?

I have ignored this and termined all step, but in final i see this message:
GOMP_4.0 not found (required by zcash)

What do you mean all files not found?

What version of debian are you running? You may want to consider doing a sudo apt-get upgrade which will update all the packages on your system.

Is ubuntu 13.10
When try update, message of sistem is, files not found(no found in internet for update)
I not find a debian work with virtual machine

Ubuntu is a derivative of Debian.

(no found in internet for update)

Check your vm internet settings. Are you able to access google either through the terminal with ping or with a browser? If not, I would search for problems with internet and your virtual machine application. If you are able to, double check the “deb …” information that you inputted to the source.list file. It may be wrong.

I can acess with browser, i have same problem, i have installed other version now and finally work!
I test this mining now in 30minuts 40k transaction validate,0.0000 sol/s, 0 equihash.
Now i see a message:zcash abort inaspectately…and i dont know how i can restart?

I write comand:
And starting a new mining, u know if have lose old mining? Or where are? Thanks for support!