Problems installing Zcash according youtube video on Ubuntu 16.04

Hi there ZCash Community, it just says permission denied. Maybe somebody just has got the same problem.

Thanks a lot for your help


Need more information. Maybe include a screenshot.

I used this guide instead of the video.

Video seems to be written for Debian users.
Let me know if you need the instructions simplified here for Ubuntu.

Hello Selmz, thanks a lot for the information, so I will try this first instead of using the video. I don’t want to bother anyone just with this matter as I know right at the beginning there are different problems and more important ones.

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@manlabor I will after I have tried the quide and maybe it will work out if not achieving it

and what to do now the commands are not working, thanks for your help

maybe try
sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

before starting the guide

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ok so it means the whole procedure again ok thanks a lot for this message lets see if it will work out.

Have a nice day, if not then I will return to you if you don’t mind

ok so far I have got but now it shows this hope you can help me, manlabor,

best regards, Günter

You need to add gen=1 to your zcash.conf file if you want to solo mine.

Those commands are failing because you shut off the server in that terminal (crtl-c). Start zcashd and let it run in that terminal. Open a new terminal and run your zcash-cli commands from there. Post a screenshot of getinfo just to double check your setup.

ok this is my getinfo from zcash-cli, if you think I need to change something just inform me please

Looks like your up and running. Depending on your hash rate, maybe work on setting up a pool miner.

Good morning manlabor by the way my name is Guenter and I am from Germany, so how do I setup a pool miner as I am brandnew in this material.

Wouldnt really mind if you could help and support me how to do it!

best regards, Guenter

This one doesn’t require you to sign up. It uses your zcash address. Scroll down to see setup guides.

hi again, so when do they pay and where can I see the balance I have done so far from nheqminer?

Maybe someone here can help me with my setup. I’ve installed zcash and see the splash screen above for zcashd, but I have 0 transactions and no peers. Do I need to open a port in my firewall?
Here’s the thread I started:

have you already started mining? You will have to open a 2nd terminal to see if it is running. maybe you can post a screenshot so it will be far easier

You can enter your t-address in the check status box to see how your doing. Payouts setting are on the status screen for your address. After that it depends on your hash/solve rate.

Use command zcash-cli getinfo and post a screenshot

thanks a lot now its working fine, is there also any status for zcash, I mean as I also do mining here?

what is your opinion about suprnova pool?