Phenomenon of Bitcoin Private

The debate about what the real cost of Bitcoin is, has probably already wiped out and bored everyone but considering how rapidly any technology develops in our time, we cannot ignore it. Only to watch it we will be from the standpoint of technology, and not with the one usually shown to us by experts that are bought for money.

Entanglement of the market; That’s what I have in mind, when I imagine everything that is connected with cryptocurrency’s in the last two years; Twitter, which is full of colorful promises of wealth, news programs, sales speakers, incomprehensible hardforks, fraudulent ICO’s, airdrops, etc… All this makes me want to leave it all and forget about it like a terrible dream. Why? Because we’ve forgot what we are all here for. What is the idea of ​​implementing crypto currency?.. I have nothing against speculators and investors who contribute their ideas and help others to help themselves…

I am against those who are trying to take away the idea of ​​a cryptocurrency, a decentralized exchange of funds - fast, convenient, with a minimum commission, and most importantly - PRIVATE… Who is trying to break the system? Power? Scammers? Owners of pools? No! You, yourself stubbornly bang your head against the ice in the expectation of a fantastic life, yellow lambo, ‘to the moons’ or whatever. What is not a pyramid? Then not a bubble? Look at the forks of bitcoin and the fork of BTCP? An interesting situation is that all previous forks have a weight equal to zero, they are exactly the same as BTC, but their capitalization is huge and is estimated in billions. And if you understand, then they clearly show how technologically they are meaningless. BCH - the same cue ball, no new idea, the 8MB block does not solve the scaling problems, with the Lightning Network it becomes useless. Why is it needed? To fill a pocket of known persons (ref: Roger Ver). Not too interesting an occupation. BTG - ripped off their depositors from their wallet, with every passing day they look sadder - the same cue ball, only without ASICs….BCD seems quite pointless to discuss considering the changes being so minimal from BTC and other forks of BTC.

Why do I want to share my view on BTCP? Why to me is BTCP a phenomenon? 1) The most important thing: see how much they do not want to give him a move. And that means, - they are afraid. Afraid of competition. 2) There are no scams or founders fees. 3) A team that for a penny moves technology by leaps and bounds. 4) The idea of ​​hardfork. PRIVACY, block in 2.5 minutes, mining on video cards, support for Segwit. It’s 100% the best bitcoin available. 5) Low transaction costs.

Tell me, what else is needed? And now, having read all this … do you still believe that billionaires, exchanges and experts on Twitter will tell you the truth about what is really valuable? You will continue to buy the lesser technological Bitcoins (BCH, BTG, BCD) at inflated prices, when what really propels technology forward is left out?

BTCP is a P&D scam. sell everything you own @ $73.00 …you’re welcome.

Oh really? You wouldn’t say forking zcash, mining zclasssic when it was worthless for years, then creating a weird hybrid fork to temporarily drive up the price of zclassic is a scam?


So just because the price of zclassic went up it is a scam? The value of every coin goes up before a hard fork happens. That is why Monero is higher right now, why Litecoin spiked before Litecoin Cash etc. etc. And the prices go down after the fork as well after every one. The OP is right that coins are not valued according to their utility. Zcash should be valued higher than several coins above it in market cap.

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BTCP has best from bitcoin and has z-snarks, why do you think it is worse than zcash?

Did I say this? Where did I say this?

Ok, then why do you think it’s a scam, not new type of technology?

how many cryptographers, and scientists do they have on the team?


What new technology did they develop as part of their fork, beside adding the UTXOs of bitcoin to a zcash chain?

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This thread seems familiar…:thinking:


Sorry but I have a problem with this reasoning. What tech does Bitcoin Gold/Cash have over Bitcoin? What does Litecoin have over Bitcoin? What does Vertcoin have over Bitcoin… ad nauseum. They all forked off of Bitcoin and still use the core like all the others. Couldn’t we say this about 3/4 of the cryptos? We may as well name off all the “scam” coins while we are at it. It comes with the territory since all coins are open source. They all borrow from each other. Some of them are glad about this fact since it makes them better. Maybe it would be better if each coin patented their technology and licensed it to other coins? It would put an end to this discussion hopefully.

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Devs going to implement shielded cell wallets with this feature till end of 2019

over 30. I suppose so

sure sure… noticed the volume is almost up to $2 million a day << lol!

Will see after adding some big exchanges

you do understand you’re not doing anything new. every few months somebody comes here and spams the forums with the “next big thing”. the “next big thing” is usually gone within a few months. BTCP isn’t doing anything new or interesting.

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BTCP is yesterday’s technology BTCA is the future

Why not?
BTCP is pretty fast, has low fees, will get full segwit support and lightning network and of course sk-starks till 2020. Also becasu it’s a fork - has large community, over 50k and 11k it off. telegram chat Why do you think it has no future?

witnessed, and participated in tons of pump & dump scam projects like this… why do you feel BTCP is better than BTCA?

how much has BTCP developers contributed towards libsnark? do you know how knowledgeable they are in regards to the nuts-n-bolts of zk-snarks? haven’t looked into it myself, but would be willing to wager BTCP’s devs are 100% dependent on zcash engineering. if zcash gets anything wrong, so will BTCP. they couldn’t even come-up with an original name.


We will know in the next few months. If they update the codebase to current Bitcoin core, and they add full segwit and lightning support this year like they indicate on their roadmap they will be ahead of zcash and several other coins technologically. Just because they borrow tech doesn’t necessarily mean it is a p&d.
Zcash is puttting everything into the network upgrade and sapling. Other coins I have been following are doing a few things at the same time and the community helps as well. Zcash is very centralized compared to BTCP and many others. In fact, many of these decentralized community coins dislike Zcash. We will see which type of coin gets greater adoption in the future.