Imo, BTC's no longer a serious currency. sad!

market will be looking for new leaders …might take a minute for the market to realize what just happened, but, imo, BTC’s future doesn’t look as dominant as it once did… first time i’ve ever felt BTC might be vulnerable to a competitor

Interesting thought. Like you said it has been the first time since BTC has seen such vulnerability but I just think it was due to the fork and nothing else. But let’s see how a whole week goes. Good luck to everyone if you’re in the trading game!

Too early to judge. Most BCC is still not on the exchanges because all wallets are under preparation. As soon as the majority of BCC holders have access to exchanges (Not ViaBTC scam) they will dump. BCH price will be under 100 dollars. Just another altcoin and it “”““succeded””“” because of chinese greedy money.