To be shielded and protected through privacy is a weapon in the modern world as ZCash gives us the power to be true to ourselves by having the element of choice to be private without any party involved but our own.

Privacy is a weapon most people don’t think we need. Some confuse privacy with hiding bad intentions, thoughts or things. These people fear the unknown as there is a probability for bad intentions.

Sometimes I do too.

Perhaps we fear and doubt our own power as we know the capacity of manifestation. The key is to not fear and to allow freedom to take its course thus allowing us to experience what it is like to be free.


Appreciate the spirit of this note. Thanks for posting for the first time :pray:. From my perspective, rather than thinking of privacy as a weapon, I prefer to think of privacy as a basic human right. A truly free society cannot exist without privacy and I am grateful to the talented team members focused on ensuring this right is protected into perpetuity as it relates to digital cash and assets.