Piggybank Miner for Win, Linux, OSX, AmigaOS, AROS and MorphOS

I am working on a multicoin miner for Windows, Linux and OSX.

The first release is 0.1
It will not have all features at the beginning but you will be able to mine zcash and verium from the beginning.

The idea is to provide a simple one click solution to newbies and also at a later point to offer hashpower renting from inside the app.

The default pool for now is nanopool (this will be editable in a later release)

The algorithm which decided which coin should be mined is based on www.peerschweinchen.de which is AI driven and tries to “think” about news /post and law impacts. This leads to situations where it keeps mining one coin, while it falls down on whattomine.com or similar statistics.

In 1-2 weeks I plan to release it for linux first, than Windows and than OS X.

With a bit of luck I can release a first version on Sunday for Windows, followed by linux and OSX versions. Zcash first : )


Ahh… would you be interested in an embedded GUI-Wallet for Zcash ?

link to github repo?

Not yet… I wan’t to use it for an own project and keep it closed as a passive income for a “foundation” .

It is german only in the moment but it will be open for entire world later.


The idea behind that project is to pay a unconditional basic income based on automatically “passive” income generated by digital services like SaaS, cloud processing, renting quantum computing (cloud based access to D-Wave for example), AI driven services like translations, AI generated logos and obviously revenue crated by mining.

So the miner will take a mining fee which will be donated to the foundation. Members of the foundation can than move money to other existing organisation like world vision to pay a monthly income to a child. Also whenever enough resources have been accumulated a lottery (which is open also to non-members and doesn’t require any payment to apply to = non-profit) will be held. The winner(s) will get also a monthly basic income which declines over time but will stay on a minimum level at some point.

It is mainly to showcase a possible solution politicans could follow as a reaction on coming layoffs. AI and robots dilemma will kill many jobs if not all. So we need a solution to pay a worthy living. This is just a small model of a possible solution.

First try on 64bit Ubuntu.
What it does so far is to connect automatically to Nanopool (as long as it doesn’t come close to 49% network share). Start mining on all GPU’s zcash . (Later it will decide when you allow to mine multiple coins, which one is the best to mine. Also it does CPU mining (monero or Verium).

I need to rule some remaining bugs out… like the GUI which becomes not responsible as soon mining starts… I’ve found the failure already.