Please help me get started

Hello everyone! I just built a PC that is capable to mine Zcash and would like to get started. I’ve looked on the internet everywhere but can find any good tutorials. I’m sure there is one here so could you just link it to me please or point me in the direction that can get me up and running? It would be very appreciated thanks.

Go to flypool .. use the miners listed there for your platform and GPU .. put your zcash address.. start mining..

gandotratushar yes it is that simple.

I smell sarcasm .. I hope it's not..

Not at all just testifying that is is very easy to mine crypto currency. I'm not sure why the bold letters.

Well yes sir.. I didn't know anything about cryptocurrency 2 months back..

I tinkered with btc. But zcash is the first coin I've mined. 2 months also and 2.10 zec so far. Only have 2.k h/s.