Increasing the Zcash reach: a comms idea for the community and ZOMG

Continuing the discussion from Radical “to the moon” thread:

In the thread above @stanislavkozlovski asked for ideas on where the community can help. One thing that I would love to see is someone produce a high quality 10-20 min weekly video update on all the things happening across the Zcash ecosystem including updates about ECC, Zfnd, ZOMG, ZecPages, Zbay, wallets, exchanges, podcasts, news, perhaps related news, market performance, basic education (ex. what is Halo?, What is a private pool? Other than privacy, what is different about Zcash? How would UDAs work on Zcash?, etc.)

My preference is that it be 101 level - easily accessible and shareable by a large audience. Maybe something like but a bit less technical and more entertaining than Decred.

Perhaps this is something that the ZOMG would be willing to fund if the right person or team stepped forward?

What do you think?


I’m down. Where to start?

I agree.

A weekly summary of the latest Zcash news and updates

All the things happening across the Zcash ecosystem

Learn how to use Zcash, follow new developments, understand interesting uses of Zcash

Sign up here for the show: “Link to Show”

Improved quality and consistent weekly release. This has the potential to become a YouTube news channel.

Can reach out to the community and find guests that want to be included in the weekly show.

Allow people to suggest topics. As an example, when someone comments on the youtube video with any question or comment, we might share that comment in next week’s weekly.

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@joshs, did you agree to mentor an Indian team for their weekly zcash update? What came out of that? New devs, at least, I hope…

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