Please help

Goodday Everyone

I need help with my configuration file.
When i insert all the info and I start my miner, the first thing the command picks up is “UNKNOWN OPTION Batteloid.1” Seems like it does not recocnize my Username and my worker.

Second error “ZEC: Authorization failed (“id”:2,“result”:false,“error”:null)”
and the fails over

my config file looks like this (ZecMiner64.exe -zpool ssl:// -zwal Mywallet Batteloid.1 -zpsw x)

What am I doing wrong.

Theres an extra space there, try
-zwal Mywallet_Batteloid.1
Or just one word

Cool that solved the unknown option issue.

I’m still getting the ZEC: Authorization failed: (“id”:2,“result”:false,“error”:null)

I woul try a different stratum other than 20570, the usual ones I’m familiar with are 3333, 13333 and 3443 but pools vary obviously
(that’s not supposed to be your ZIP code)

Thanks will try another pool.

Think the MiningPoolHub is screwed

The pool may not support ssl/tls encryption
Perhaps try without ssl