Claymore configuration help please

I feel pathetic, I bought the parts for a great miner and I can’t get it to run.

I am running windows 7 x64 with an i7 6700k and 2 rx480 8gb cars

Can someone please help me with a guide on how to set up claymore version 8

I have it downloaded and I am trying to configure it and all I get is

ZEC: Authorization failed
: {“id”:2, “result”:null,“error”:[20, “invalidzCashaddress!”]}

If anyone could point me to a step by step guide or put up a tutorial here I would be very grateful.

I got a t address from kraken last week and I am wondering if it is the problem

You have to configure, your “config” file from claymore like this.

-zwal yourzcashaddress…yourrigname
-zpsw x

Or like this for suprnova

-zwal username.yourrigname
-zpsw your pass
-allpools 1

For Nicehash

-zwal yourzcashaddress…
-zpsw x
-allpools 1

Remember, you have to use a t-address, not a z-address for the zcash address in the -zwal option. How did you generate the t-address for the mined coins to go to? It sounds like it might be invalid.

My config for nanopool is below as an example. Happy mining and good luck!

-zwal t12345678901234567890123
-zpsw z


Thank you very much for replying.

I tried both of your recommendations and I am still getting a InvalidzCashaddress error.

Is it possible that the address I got from kraken is no good?

Should I try and get another address from them?

This is blowing my mind. I ran on genoil for a couple days and I got no payout and no hash rate information when I put in the t address.

I am really starting to wonder if my t address from kraken is bunk.

The best thing will be to go with suprnova and use username.rig, in this case you don’t have to use your zcash address on Claymore config.

Holy crap, I went back to kraken and got a new t address and put it in my config file like you guys said and it is working!

Finally, I am up and running on both GPU getting almost 400 h/s

How long do you think I should wait to go back to kraken and see if I got a payout?

A couple days or so?

This has been a crazy adventure, now my i7 is practically dormant, is there a windows cpu miner I could use in conjunction with claymore?

If you want to keep track of your earnings suprnova gives you a wallet automatically and you watch it fill up on you dashboard with all other stats when logged in,just fill in payments details with you t address and set amount for automatic payouts much simpler and better to see what’s going on with stats
On suprnova pool there are links to all best miners and you will get fastest windows CPU miner there

If you are happy where u are u can still download your CPU miner from suprnova help section without been logged in and use where your mining at moment


Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom. I will browse on over to suprnova and see what they have to offer.

I am very much interested in putting this cpu to work and check out there dashboard.

I appreciate everyone’s help tremendously. I used to work with computers back in the day and I was feeling really lame not being able to figure this out.

I have worked with PC all my life and had to learn mining from new also so don’t be to hard on yourself,if you have any issues with suprnova give me a shout and I will walk you through it and do your bat file for you infact I posted a working bat file to start Claymore in suprnova pool thread here couple of days ago for another member you could use for reference.