Pls Help: Philippines ZCash

Hi. I have staff in Philippines. I’ve tried BTC and BSV in the past for paying them. No exchange support there for BSV and BTC is just useless.

I’m currently considering trying zcash. Is anyone aware of any exchange support for ZCash in the Philippines?

Thanks for your time.

Just out of curiousity, why does the exchange have to be in the philippines and not a global one?

There was a philippine guy on the forum who made several posts regarding such issues but can’t remember his name and topics.

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Not essential. Just need to be able to exit into PHP (local fiat currency) and I don’t imagine an exchange outside that jurisdiction offering that kind of functionality.

Does this help you? None of these seem to support Zcash but some other cryptos seem to be supported.

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Thanks mate. A useful site.
I can currently use BCH if needed. Not the best privacy options though the coin shuffle built into electron wallet is nice.
I’ve been playing with zec and now that the lite wallet supports shielded addresses I think my staff could manage the wallet and using zec.

Privacy can be quite important to some staff especially when trying to hide funds from family members who don’t have their best interests at heart.

I’ll reach out to some exchanges and see what their plans are. Does ECC or the foundation have anyone specific in charge of exchange outreach?

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Hi. We (ECC) don’t have currently relationships with local exchanges based in the Philippines. I believe Binance offers PHP pairs but not for Zcash yet - perhaps that could be an option with decent liquidity for ZEC->BTC/BNB->PHP. DM me if you would like to work together on finding you a solution.

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Thanks Josh. I might just be in touch.