Poll: Change the Zcash algorithm to 144,5

Update: see the 5th post down for poll results. You can add your vote here:

Question: Do you want Zcash to change the algorithm to 144,5 to remove Asics from the network. Apparently 144,5 is more memory intensive so it would severely reduce ASIC effectiveness.

Please post if you are for or against the change. You can start each response with your stance ( for or against) that way the thread will mimic a poll thread.

I am for a change in algo.


Polls of this nature aren’t usually worth executing. Use a method that actually tracks and displays individual responses.

I would love that if the forum feature is available. I certainly don’t see that option on my mobile web browser.

For an algo change to 200,9

Guys, the current Equihash algorithm of ZCash currently IS (200,9).
We need to change from (200,9) to something else, for example (144,5)… or to change to some other algo.

Just my 2 cents.

Yes my boo boo. Changed.

  • yes
  • no

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from mobile -> drop down menu, gear, “build poll”


even if zcash fork to the new parameters i wont return mining it again …trust is already gone no reason for me to return


Are you copying Bitcoin Gold? They did the exact same thing couple of weeks back.

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just fyi btcz forked sooner than BTG to the same parameters so its more like copying BTCZ


The community governance panel voted on this:


So that poll shows that people want Asics? This poll seems to show the opposite. The members of this forum are voting to switch the algo. Who are the community governance panel? Do they have a stake in Asics?


The community governance panel is currently made up of 72 members that have “demonstrable public presence and/or contributed in some way to the ecosystem”.

No stake in ASICs. Not paid to be a governance panel member. Just users that are highly involved with Zcash.

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Seems like the people on the panel were vetted or picked by just a few people. I will have to search and see the stance on Asics by the vetter to be a fair poll question. If the person vetting this community board is behind ASIC adoption, then that poll results would not be a fair comparison.


Look, there’s not some big conspiracy theory here. 70% of Zcash’s most influential and involved users voted against being ASIC resistant. These users were chosen according to what they’ve contributed in the community, not what their position was on a single issue. There are more important issues than those that miners care about, the top ones being privacy and adoption.

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So basically then you are saying the foundation and the community panel does not care about the miners that have gotten Zcash to this point? If that is the case I can never return to mining zcash. But the poll is still interesting to see what forum members will vote for.


and the community panel does not care about the miners that have gotten Zcash to this point

I don’t think that’s what they said at all. I’ve mined since day one and only got into gpu mining only because Zcash required it. I’m a Zcash miner, not a gpu miner. I’ll probably continue to mine Zcash with gpus until it’s unprofitable and then I’ll sell them to gamers at a discount and either buy and hold zec or buy ASICs.

Miners are very active on this forum, but I’m not sure that all of the business owners, developers and other community members that have played a large role in Zcash are all active here. Forum polls here might only have one subset of the community, which might be why there is a difference between the forum poll and the larger community poll.


so u want to say that the few people that voted has been selected by you guys based on what you think where most “influential and involved users” or in other words you could say that you choose-ed these that has the correct mind set…and u wonder that the a part of the community isnt buying this curtain u guys created to legitimize the anti asic resistant steps u taking ???


No🙋🏿‍♂️.Asic is the trend and Unavoidable.

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we will se about that there is still enaugh coins and devs that honor the prommise of asic resistance and decentralization

What is interesting is how nobody is talking about the pool centralization that is going on right now. Flypool controls the majority of the market, and with recent 51% attacks on weaker coins it’s important to consider how this may impact the stability of ZEC.

If a large part of the asic or gpu debate, which predicates the need for a parameter change from 200,9 to 144,5 depends on the need to maintain network security through true decentralization how are we not discussing the fact that flypool is dominating the market?

I recently switched to nanopool and found the payout rate more favourable. It would be interesting to see the hash rate change a coordinated migration would yield. Not a bad way to analyze the current state of mining in the Zcash ecosystem.

Check out the chart @zooko posted: