Are you FOR or AGAINST ASIC Mining for ZCash - Take the Poll!

Let’s just do an informal poll and see what happens!

Take it NOW!

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Here are the results so far:

You should have given a third option, I don’t care either way and will continue to mine/Support Zcash

In this case an opinion was expected. Allowing a third option gives people an out. Those who want to choose that option can choose not to participate :smiley:

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isn’t it about supporting the coin and the direction it follows?

When ZCL forked from Zcash those that supported the founders rewards stayed, those that wanted all the coins went with zcl. To me this is no different; support the coin and the direction they go or the $$$.

This is why I asked about the third option

For me its not too much about following the money. Because my rig only pulls around 2800 hash I dont believe I would remain relevant for very long if the difficulty spikes. If I cant own any ZEC its hard for me to use and support it. Especially because I am a college student living off microwaved food. I don’t have much money to buy and use ZEC unless it is obtained another way (mining). For many it may be about following the money but I do believe in the tech behind this coin. I purchased my very first things EVER (just two fx 470s) actually using ZEC and to me it was the coolest thing ever. I honestly just purchased them because I could use ZEC to get them… Anyway! I built up both rigs I currently own using money from selling ZEC just to obtain more hardware to get more ZEC because I wanted to actually use and support this coin. Buying one of those ASIC miners to me could make or break my relevancy with ZEC. If we fork and I purchased one I can no longer mine ZEC (I’d have to sell everything I worked up for to get one) while if I keep my equipment and we don’t fork I will get hardly any ZEC and really wont be able to use it. Maybe my case is unique and petty but I don’t want things to change haha.

I fully expect this poll to turn out the same the one that was ran before ASICs were announced.


survey monkey can be easily gamed by tor, proxies, vpn. google search surveymonkey multiple vote, 287k results

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Surveys are meaningless as they can be easily gamed. Anyone realistically think that a multi-Billion dollar company such as Bitmain (who is incidentally more profitable now than Nvidia) doesn’t employ a small army of “marketing” people?

Even with 100 people, with 10 accounts each in the various forums and communities, can really make it appear to the casual observer there is strong community interest on a subject one way or another. What is sad is that they are probably employed in countries where $2 an hour is considered good pay. This then gets amplified further by the useful idiots who buy into this propaganda, then invest themselves into these products further fueling the cycle.

I would expect the real miners and community members are outmatched at least by a 2-1 ratio if not higher, by these paid shills as most of the real people are not even here voicing their concerns. It really wouldn’t matter if they were here, as it is easy to temporarily hire more $2 shills for a few weeks to counter any increase in dissent from the “paid for” narrative.


You people need to remove your “tin foil hats”. Goodness, the survey wasn’t gamed by Bitman, the Earth is not flat and global warming is true…

NVidia and AMD are public companies. We know their profits. BM is not and we must accept their “word” that their claim of massive profits is true. I’m not a sucker. I like to see proof. I’m not willing to accept Wu’s word on its face, especially when it advances his agenda. Please, wake up.


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and posts like this is a lot of the reason why my views have changed. Most of the comments here are about their speculative investment in GPU’s and not the coin.


I would add sleezy miners that spent 10s of thousand dollars building huge farms . We can not stop technological improvements. The argument about distributed network and security is all bs. Small miners (like me) are concentrated in a dozen or so pools. How many are running a full node? That’s security for those that think miners that mine into exchanges or online wallets are doing anything for the coin. Monero was too fast switching the algo to protect the bots running on people computers without their knowledge. Yes bitmain is sleezy but no one in the West is developing asics .

I’m assuming your referring to Cryptomined’s video proof. Yeah…about that…the post he trotted out as evidence was by a community moderator, not an actual team member (IE, a community member like you and I, but a volunteer mod). Nothing he said/or says is binding on ZcashCo any more than anything you or I might say. The video is misleading in that respect…which didn’t help matters for anyone. I’m “still” super angry about that.

Sure it might not be legally binding, Morally however its pretty shady to say your gonna keep the ASICs out with a “ASIC resistant” algo, then as soon as they make one for it, try to say that wasnt never the goal of the coin and ASICs are inevitable and might be good for the network. Why not just use a ASIC algo from the beginning then, and never worry about having to fork later.

“ASIC resistant” was the whole reason I and Im sure others got into GPU mining, after seeing what happened to bitcoin right when ASICs were released, ASIC turn into junk within 6 months, and you get stuck with a $1,000+ airplane heater that makes less then $1 a day with zero resale value.

Your preaching to the choir on ASIC man. No good will come from it in my mind.

Morally, still nothing man. The guy was a community member volunteer moderator. Same as you and I, but volunteered to help moderate the forum. He has no more authority than you or I to make a statement. Morally ZcashCo isn’t obligated to honor anything he says/said…Other than have him correct his statement.

Im not sure what member your talking about, Im going based on all the things that were posted about what Zcash was suppose to be. Even on thier own FAQs says its ASIC resistant.

“We’re still evaluating whether we think it will resist custom hardware (“ASIC”) implementation long-term.”

So ASICs are here, and we are all sitting here wondering what is the official stance on the issue, Is it a selling point of the coin or not.

My tin foil hat will stay on thank you :joy:
I agree that we should see proof. Taking BMs word for profits… blah. Stay skeptical. It lets you see things from different angles.
Edit: different angles was a poor choice in words. I would say… Allows you to see things differently as some wouldnt? Idk