Algo 144.5 Why Not?

All or most of the Zcash clones are over on a new algo, 144.5

Why doesn’t Zcash ?
Then we at least can say we tried it, keeping it Asic resistant.
Maybe it’s to simple, but please enlighten me why, what problems could or can happen ?


I heard of BTG, others I find no information, could you share you sources?

Bitcoin Z. ( Jeps, Nice name ) did it yesterday
Most are mined on . There you could see who will be next, miners is a problem, even EWBF is back and build a Zhash miner, that does the 144.5. I tried it, but couldn’t t get my rig stable with my oc, despite the fact I made the VM a lot bigger. You can select all coins on, just look for the coin you want, there is also info when they are going to.

Hey Didi,
I still can’t find what you are saying, could you send a specific link where I can see next forks?

Komodo, Hush, Zencash, Bitcoin Private… I can’t find any information about these coins… and Bitcoin Z has a market cap of 3 million, so I wouldn’t consider it of any real value…

Now this is interesting :slight_smile:

There is already a version 0.2, didn’t test it yet.
BitcoinZ has indeed a low cap, but was a real money maker, sold them right away without problems on tradesatoshi.

I saw indeed that there is new info, without the forks. I will look it up for you, but ATM I am at work :wink: making Fiat for GPU’ s :rofl:

Because the Zcash Foundation needs to conduct six months of research to confirm that the Antminer Z9 will not work with different Equihash parameters.

Actually the research is not only about this, it’s as well about it’s impact, network security and some more things if i remember right…

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I wasn’t able to find the info either, however, clicking on on i found at least a reference there for the BitcoinZ fork:

On block 160,000 around June 16th BitcoinZ will fork to the ZHash algorithm to prevent ASIC miners on the network. Please use NEW software for mining.

This is the only information i was able to find about fork, curious to if there is more somewhere.

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There were more, but gone now, including some prices that are not displayed any more.
BitcoinZ is the only one were stated there will be a new algorithm.

Thanks for the other Topic Boxalex. Even some more coins then I expected are Zcash Forks. Let’s see how it goes. Will dive into some white papers tonight to see if I can find some more answers.


Sure, just post the info on the equihash coins/projects topic and i will update the list immediatly when i’am online.

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i tried EWBF today on BTG test net (testnet forked 2 days ago ) and worked like charm 1060 6GB was showing 20-23 Sols/s

I know there is a new version, my rig is a mixed 1.
4 1060 6gb, 2 1070, 2 1070 ti, 2 1080 and 2 1080 ti. I had them on my normal OC, but I guess it’s to high to be stable. And I just got my new Type R, so the miningrig isn’t that important ATM hahaha may I ask what OC you use ? :slightly_smiling_face:

actualy i was able to push the 1060 s i got a little bit more with it :smiley: i bet thats my luck :smiley:

I tested 1060 3GB, its giving me 19-20 Sols/s, working with less heat and using less power than on current Zcash parameters.

I don’t know what you guy’s are doing. I have 2 - 12 cards GTX 1060 3gb rigs and I get 255 sols to 280 sols each card. I also have 2 - 12 card GTX 1060 6gb rigs that get 275 sols to 305 sols each card. But I do use DSTM miner v0.6.1. Rest of my rigs are GTX 1070 / 1070ti and GTX 1080ti.

I don’t know what you guy’s are doing

Discussing equihash (144,5)

I get 255 sols to 280 sols

Not on Equihash (144,5) you’re not…

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Thank you. Didn’t catch that there using 144.5. To mine BTCZ will take a whole lot of hashing power.

different algo parameters (144,5) are adopted by several equihas coins (BTG,BTCZ,…) to make the algo more ASIC resistant the different parameters require also mooded Mining SW and since the new parameters make the solutions (shares) more harder to get (17 times harder if i remember correctly) the hasrate will be different as well …btw on normal equihash i getting 305-315 sols on 1060s 3GB ver. and on the 6 GB version getting between 320-330…on the new algo its about 20 sols on 10603GB and 22 on the 6 GB …

I see some that I know are mining BTG with the Bitmain A9 mini so I don’t thing that they updated the algo to 144.5.

Fork is on 1st July for BTG.