Poll πŸ“Š Vote for Community Mods

Hello Zeal!

As explained in this post the Zcash Community Forum is seeking two volunteers to help moderate this forum.

We have had four users from our community step up volunteer for a place on the Mod team:

@decentralistdan (Dan)
@rex4539 (Dimitris)
@mistfpga (Steve)
@jmsjsph (James)

As mentioned in that thread (since we have more than two volunteers) we will hold a forum poll for the community to decide who you feel is an outstanding member of the community and would make a fair and impartial moderator.

I also want to personally thank @rex4539 and @decentralistdan for thier help modding this last week when I needed some personal time off.

The poll will have two constraints to ensure that longer term community members have a voice. One is that to cast a vote you must be forum trust level 2 or higher, and two your account cannot have been created within the last 180days.

Unfortunately, because polls on the forum can’t set account age as a constraint to prevent ballot stuffing new accounts will still be able to click a choice, but please don’t do so because I will have to manually check account age and remove votes that do not meet the above criteria.

The poll will be up for one week, Good Luck!

New Moderator Poll
  • Dan
  • Dimitris
  • Steve
  • James

0 voters


Congratulations to Dan @decentralistdan and Dimitris @rex4539 for getting the most votes!

Welcome to the Mod team, you have shown that the community respects your opinions and trusts you to make fair and balanced judgements. I look forward to your suggestions about how we can continue to grow Zcash and make these forums a welcome place for all Zcash users!