Open call for forum Moderators!

With the recent transition of Dan @decentralistdan from a community forum volunteer Moderator, to a Zcash Foundation Ecosystems Relation Manager we no longer have a Mod on the team who is not working directly for the Foundation.

In the past we have had several community volunteers (myself and Dan both started as volunteers) that have helped moderate this forum. We feel that it is important for there to be person’s not directly working for ZF to be on the Mod team for accountability and decentralization.

So we are asking for any forum members who have been here awhile (no specific time restriction) to let the community know if you are interested in becoming a volunteer Moderator.

Similar to the last time we had an open call interested volunteers can simply comment in this thread and we will hold a community poll.

Important Info:

Moderators are expected to fairly and consistently uphold the Forums Code of Conduct:

And abide by the Moderation Policy:

Any Moderators who do not abide by the above policies and procedures can be removed from the Moderation team at any time at the sole discretion of the Zcash Foundation.


Hi @Shawn, I am interested. My timezone is UTC+7 so it may helps to add more diversity to when moderator team can respond to posts i.e. I am active when Colorado is asleep. I also want to express that I will err towards no-censorship when it comes to a 50/50 situation in the forum.



I think there should be a big enough team to at least try to compete with the quality of moderation with @Shawn. I can close the “windows” when America is sleeping, but I need to be moderated myself in some places)))


I support both of them as forum moderators.


Bumping this thread for visibility.

Thanks for volunteering @artkor and @tokidoki ! We are going to keep this thread open for one more week to see if more are interested in applying before making the call whether to hold a poll or simply make a decision.


After speaking with ZF we have decided to add @tokidoki to the community Moderation team!

@artkor also applied, but since I have decided to not fully retire we felt that one community volunteer would be sufficient to keep things together.

Since Toki was the first to apply for the open call for Mods and has shown to be an active contributor the community, we thought they would be a good fit for the team.

Please extend a warm welcome to Tokidoki!


I’m very glad about it. Thank You, Shawn!


I think it’d be awesome to contribute as a moderator. As a volunteer, I presume the person would moderate on whatever schedule and time constraints work for them? I admit, I probably still have a lot of learning to do. I’m pretty new here, but I can visualize how Zcash fits into the future.

Thanks for the interest @Daft , as you can read above, Tokidoki is the new community Mod.

We are fine with three active Mods (myself, Toki, Dan) for now, if more positions open in the future we will post an open call again.

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